Santa Claw Merchandise

Hey readers as always thanks for visiting and reading Circa71. I wanted to invite you all to take a bit to check out the cool stuff over at Real Mart.

What’s Real Mart you say? Well the Real Art gang built an online Real Mart store to bring you the very best of our handcrafted products.

And now we have Santa Claw goodies! That’s right if you just can’t get enough of The Santa Claw then Real Mart is the place for you. Of course if you’re going to play a giant claw machine you need one of our giant Santa Claw tokens. Or maybe one of the cool Claw t-shirts are more your flavor.

With fun slogans like; I Fought the Claw and the Claw won, I played The Claw and all I got was this crappy t-shirt, Claw is for lovers, Clawsome, I ❤ Claw, Biggest Claw ever, Balls, and I grabbed some balls in The Claw, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. More items will be available soon so hopefully you’ll enjoy the variety of goods that Real Mart offers and you’ll come back time and time again to see what’s new.

Or head on over to our Real Art blog for some fun Santa Claw freebies; such as phone backgrounds, desktops and ringtones.

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The Santa Claw

Have you ever wondered what happens to Santa’s leftover gifts? The ones that never appeared on Christmas wish lists. Well…nothing. Until now. This year the Fat Man sent his friends at Real Art all the unused presents, and we gave them a home in The Santa Claw.

Yep we said claw. We built the biggest claw game ever. And you—or anyone in the entire world—can play the game from your own computer. Best part…if you win, we’ll send the leftover Santa goodies straight to your door.

Visit for all the details. Check out the prizes, leather chaps, Dokken records, hand-held crossbows, t-shirts, Lenticular Sacred Heart Jesus, games, balls, models, scooters, skateboards and much much more. Log in now, create your customized avatar and be prepared for a clawsome good time!

A Very Zombie Holiday (Instructional video)

Worried about juggling your Christmas baking, gift-giving and party-going with the possible zombie apocalypse? This brief instructional video from Team Unicorn has all the information you need to safely and happily enjoy the season without turning into one of the walking dead.

Via: BoingBoing

A Christmas Card Project

Every year for the holiday season the company I work at, Real Art does some cool holiday gift for our clients, friends and family. In year’s past we’ve done photo kits, water bottles, desk lamps, light bulbs and travel journals and of course our smash hit the AAF National Addy award winning A New Year A New You puppets.

But this year we took a step back. We tried to be mindful of our time and our financially responsibility while developing a present that allows us to focus on what’s really important—our relationships with those around us. So we took our mailing list of 400+ names and split them up among the employees at Real Art. From there each of us was tasked with creating 12 or so, personalized handmade Christmas or seasonal cards. Each card contained a hand-written note from one of us talking about our holiday plans, our families traditions or what we were thankful for this year.

In a time when everyone’s looking for the next big impact project it’s nice to get back to the basics a little bit with an old-fashioned crafty-type card. In the end we had a huge pile of custom handmade cards that our clients, friends and family all enjoyed receiving.

To check out the cards I made, visit my Flickr account here.

The Brutal Story of Where Santas Really Come From

Warning: Due to the graphic nature of these videos this post has been rated WEB MA NLV for nudity, language and violence. These videos are intended for a mature audience. Parental guidance is suggested.

Via: Laughing Squid
Even though the Christmas season is over this year, there’s time for one more tale of Santa. From Finnish production company Woodpecker Films comes this short film explaining how “Rare Exports“, has been delivering real Finnish Father Christmases since 1739.

Two years later, following a particularly bad incident, they had to shoot the following reproachful safety film on the handling and care of the Father Christmas during shipping: