A Brief History of Jinn or Genies

Genies (also called Jinn or genii) are spirits in cultures of the Middle East and Africa. The term genie comes from the Arabic word jinni, which referred to an evil spirit that could take the shape of an animal or person. It could be found in every kind of nonliving thing, even air and fire. Jinn (the plural of jinni) were said to have magical powers and are favorite figures in Islamic literature. To the Mende people of Sierra Leone in Africa, genii are spirits who occasionally try to possess living men. The Mende use magic to fight genii who enter the living.

In ancient Rome, the term genii, the plural form of the Latin word genius, referred to the spirits that watched over every man. The genius was responsible for forming a man’s character and caused all actions. Believed to be present at birth, genius came to be thought of as great inborn ability. Women had a similar spirit known as a juno. Some Romans also believed in a spirit, called an evil genius, that fought the good genius for control of a man’s fate. In later Roman mythology, genii were spirits who guarded the household or community.

For the ancient Semites the Jinn were spirits of vanished ancient peoples who acted during the night and disappeared with the first light of dawn; they could make themselves invisible or change shape into animals at will; these spirits were commonly made responsible for diseases and for the manias of some lunatics who claimed that they were tormented by the Jinn. The Arabs believed that the Jinn were spirits of fire, although sometimes they associated them with succubi, demons in the forms of beautiful women, who visited men by night to copulate with them until they were exhausted, drawing energy from their encounter.

Many Muslims would likely view the term “mythological” as a pejorative statement because traditionally they take the belief that Jinn are real beings. The Jinn are said to be creatures with free will, made of smokeless fire by God, much in the same way humans were made of earth. In the Qur’an, the Jinn are frequently mentioned and even Surat 72: Al-Jinn is entirely about them. In fact Muhammad was said to have been sent as a prophet to “men and Jinn”.

Jinn are not to be confused with the Kareen mentioned in the Qur’an in Surat An-Nas and in Islamic mythology. A Kareen is an evil spirit, while technically a Jinn is considered demonic, intent on tricking people into committing sins, similar to a personal demon. As they are unique to each individual, Kareens would be the ones a magician would summon after a person’s death, such as in a séance, for the soul goes to God and the unruly Kareen would remain on earth and would, conforming to his malevolent nature, impersonate the deceased whose character he’s familiar with. Islam strictly forbids magic. Orthodox Muslims however, recite various verses from the Qur’an such as the Throne Verse, Surat an-Nas and Suart al-Falaq as means of protection and prayer. In Islam-associated mythology, the Jinn were said to be controllable by magically binding them to objects, as Solomon most famously did; the Spirit of the Lamp in the story of Aladdin was such a Jinni, bound to an oil lamp.

In sorcery books Jinn are classified into four races after the classical elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In those races they come in tribes, usually seven, each with a king, each king controls his tribe and is controlled by an Angel, whereas the Angel’s name is torture to the Jinn king as well as his specific tribe, much the same way Jesus’ name is to a demon during an exorcism. Unlike white and evil witches, Jinn have free will yet could be compelled to perform both good and evil acts, compared to a demon who would only hurt creatures or an angel with benevolent intentions. Knowing what to ask what spirit to perform is key as asking a spirit to perform a chore counter its natural tendencies would anger the spirit into retaliating against the sorcerer.

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32 thoughts on “A Brief History of Jinn or Genies

  1. I am planning to get a genie from a spiritual man and use the genie as a friend and servant,please i want to know iether the genie can hurt me in future or can demand for blood. Thank you.

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  4. asalamalaikum, i would not advise you to ”buy” a genie as its strictly prohibited. furthermore they are dangerous as they would have full control of your body.please research about islam before you return to your LORD ALLAH subhannallah .

  5. Sure people play with them all the time the only thing is it easier to let them out than to put them back only JESUS can do that

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  8. Getting a Djinn is dangerous, but possible. The easiest method is to grab a Jew. Be careful because Jews are shape shifters. The safest way to capture a Jew is when they come out at night in the shape of a big roach. Capture that roach and immediately put it into your mouth. That is the best prison to hold the Jew-roach. Please do not chew or you will release the essence of that Jew into you and you will become a Jew. Of course, if you want the powers of sorcery and magic, then becoming a Jew will work for you…go ahead and chew. Chew, Jew… did you know that Chewbaca was a shape shifted Jew? But that is a tale in and of itself. If you need more info, find the Tales of Solomon, the wisest Jew who ever was. Full info there. Later.

  9. I would like more info please on the MENDE aspect of Jinn. My family roots are from SIERRA LEONE. I was born here. I want to understand the spiritual TRIBE aspect and the king mentioned. Where can I go to get understanding of self on these matters. Thank you.

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  12. If anyone don’t really know about the spirit world and Islam don’t need to be playing with the Djinns. Just anyone can’t do it, and don’t be scammed anywhere in the world with anyone telling you they can give you one. You have to do a lot more than order one, you have to know someone who controls them, like a Milan. When you see evil people do evil things then more than likely a bad Jinn has entered them and they don’t even know. It is nothing to play with and it could lead you to do bad things if your not spiritually right with Allah (God).

  13. Any has any advice I am tormented by a shaiton djinn yet held together by Maris.i pray everyday even tho I’m not a perfect being. May sound like I’m joking but serious as a heart attack. Can’t talk to anyone about it and sometimes feel like I’m about to go crazy. But i refuse to except that and shall keep my faith in God. NO MATTER WHAT.

  14. Does this mean that the jinni are still being born out of death,or are they the old one’s that should never be worshiped. Un? I don’t know if the old texts of what we know are lost in translation for a reason thus Gabriel said to the profit,read the old book. Why that book does not exist now,might be a clue?¿☆

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  16. There are lot of people selling these so called Jinn objects all over the internet and all are either fake or have a dark entity attached to it willing to go to whoever to fool them as some spiritual guide or higher spirit. There is no such thing as a spiritual guide but all are just Jinns. There are various types of Jinns some can be good, neutral, or evil. Some types are just pure evil and don’t come as believers at all.

    In order for one to obtain a Jinn one has to conjure them or have someone conjure them. But when the ritual is done, the Jinn has to be wiling to go to the new owner but these Jinns are to be attached to some object usually kind of a stone since the person getting the Jinn has not done the ritual. Addition to that just having the stone does not mean you will sit and have a cup of tea with the Jinn. One has to have their senses open in-order to communicate with the entity. You might see them in dreams or sense presence etc but will not be able to have that human like friendship with it till senses are fully open. Please understand the Jinn world and their temperaments first before getting into this. We are grown up with a reality which limit us with our 5 senses and our mind is wired to this reality and its hard for one individual to accept the new reality or even accept the possibility of such beings. To have an idea of the type of Jinns classified by their characteristics I have summarized it as follows to best of my understanding since the stories and Hollywood movies have polluted the whole image of such energy specifies with a consciousness.

    Jinns are classified by their characteristics and nature as follows.

    – the ones that flies.
    – the ones who take shape of snakes and dogs.
    – the ones that dwell in places and move on.

    Not all types of Jinns have similar capabilities and strengths. For example, just like how one while male would not have same strenght or mental capacity as the other, similarly one type of Jinn would not have same power or skill set as the other.

    1- AMIR: Lives with us or around our homes. Can be good or bad.
    GOUL SILA: Used by magicians who dwell in graveyards and dirty places. Magicians also use other Jinns as well.

    2- QAREEN\HAMZAAD: Born with every human. They live even after a person has died and are the ones who fool people that the human spirit of the loved one is still around. They are the ones who push us to do bad.

    3- FAIRY\PARI: Lives around body of water such as lakes.

    4- SHAYATEEN: Helpers of the devil or the devil himself.

    5- MARID: They are very ancient and malicious if not pure evil. Worse than Shayateen. Since they are ancient, they teach high level magicians how to perform magic. Never heard of a good MARID.

    6- IFRIT\IFREET: Extremely power Jinns. Can be good or bad.

    7- Khabuth(male) & Khabiz(female): They dwell in our bathrooms.

    8- Khinzab: They are the ones that distract us from prayers. These are helpers of the devil.

    9- MUWAKIL\KHUDDAM: These are the most mysterious of all the entities and the most powerful of all that mentioned above. They are always good and are the guardians of the letters of the Holy Quran and the verses. Some say they are the angels and some say a Jinn class of its own that cannot be understood till now due to their energy. They are nor pure light nor from any of the energies listed above (JINN). Only extremely pious people or saints have access to such beings. No signle jinn or even an army of Jinns have the power or capacity to match a single Muwakil\Khuddam.

    Brother Rehman has talked about this topic in more detail on his website.

    Source: https://www.brotherrahman.net/classifications-of-djinn-types-categories-of-jinn-djinn/

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