Rotoscoping is a tedious process that involves animating over a live action film frame by frame, which means it took waaaaaay too long to rotoscope this trailer for the horror classic The Evil Dead.

And, while the end result is pretty cool looking and fun to watch, it’s highly unlikely that PFR Studios will be rotoscoping any more of the film, because this bit is almost three years old!

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The Walken Dead

The second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be back from break with all new episodes beginning Sunday Feb 12th. Here is an equally awesome treat for you that proves once again that indie filmmakers kick ass. The Walken Dead. What is the Walken Dead? Its zombies with a side order of cowbell.

This short is well produced with fantastic FX and has great usage of ‘Walken’ lines.

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A Very Zombie Holiday (Instructional video)

Worried about juggling your Christmas baking, gift-giving and party-going with the possible zombie apocalypse? This brief instructional video from Team Unicorn has all the information you need to safely and happily enjoy the season without turning into one of the walking dead.

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