2012 AAF-Dayton Hermes Awards Intro Video

AAF-Dayton takes a field trip to the Schuster Center for the 2012 Hermes Awards. Mrs. McCatherine rounds up the local advertising community for a trip to learn about Hermes 101.

This was the opening video for AAF-Dayton’s Hermes Awards Ceremony, held at the Schuster Center on February 25, 2012. The theme of this year’s event as “Hermes 101,” in recognition of the Dayton chapter’s 101 year history. The folks on the bus are familiar faces in the Dayton advertising industry.

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2010 Hermes Real Art Style

Via: Real Art Design Group Blog

It’s that time of year again—The Greater Dayton Advertising Association’s Hermes Awards. A time to look back on all the work we’ve done collectively over the past year and a time to go out on the town to socialize with over 300 fellow Dayton area creative, marketing and advertising professionals. This year’s event was held at the Dayton Masonic Center and featured a moving video tribute to one of Dayton’s long-time and best loved designer, teacher and friend, Dan Johnson. In memory of Dan, GDAA and DCS have renamed the Student award as the “Dan Johnson Award”. This year the award was presented to three students: Real Art’s own interactive intern, Tyler Spahr, Anthony Wartinger and Reka Juhasz

2010 turned out to be a special year for Real Art as we were presented with a total of 29 awards. The unprecedented haul included a triple crown of Interactive Media awards for a total of nine Gold Addy’s or coveted “Hermes heads” and two overall “judges awards” which will all automatically move on to the American Advertising Federation’s 5th District competition covering Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The District winners will then move on to the national ADDY Awards in June.

Gold Addy’s were awarded to Real Art for the following categories and pieces:

Arkansas Children's Annual Report: Scout's Honor
Project—Arkansas Children’s Hospital Annual Report
Category—Collateral Material

greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Flip Books
Project—Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Flip Books
Category—Collateral Material

Dayton Children's: Just Right
Project—Children’s Medical Center of Dayton TV Spots
Category—Television, over $1,000
Shayla | Burr | Layla | Nate

Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Web Site
Project—Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Recruitment Website
Category—Interactive Media: Business to Business

Project—Real Art Design Group GroBot Website
Category—Advertising Industry Self-Promotion

Real Art Design Group Promo Reel
Project—Real Art Design Group Promo Reel
Category—Elements of Advertising

VTech Electronics Website Redesign
Category—Interactive Media: Business to Consumer

Project—Wright State University Day of Innovation
Category—Non-Traditional Advertising Campaign

Ford F-150 Raptor
Project—Wunderman/Ford F-150 Raptor Microsite
Category—Interactive Media: Online Advertising

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital Annual Report and Real Art Design Group’s GroBot Website also earned Real Art two Judges Awards.

RADG Puppets invade National Addy competition

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First some background – You might not know that entries that win the top Gold Award, or Hermes head at the GDAA’s Hermes Awards, are then eligible to move on from local judging to a district competition.

Now the cool part – Real Art is proud to announce that our holiday puppet self-promotion has won a Gold Addy Award at the district level and will now move on to be judged again at the AAF National Addy competition in Washington DC!  In all the years of winning these awards, we’ve never had a piece move on to the National competition!

We were also awarded a district silver award for the EIM International Treasures packaging project – hats off to Patrice for spearheading the design.

Congratulations to everyone – our puppet promo truly was a group project – and these accolades just confirm what we’ve thought all along – our puppets are a truly unique gift. A new district trophy will soon be added to our collection – cross your fingers for the National competition coming up June 6, 2009!

RADG GroBots awarded Adobe site of the day


Following the shining example set by the Hope Equity site, Real Art’s Recycled Lifeforms has also been blessed by Adobe, saying; “Tough problems call for creative solutions, and this site illustrates how one innovative idea can go a long way toward ending hunger and poverty. (Jan. 22, 2009)”


To Give and to Receive

Each year the Real Art staff and our guests gather to celebrate the holidays and to exchange custom made gifts for the Real Art employee’s name that we each drew earlier in the year at our company retreat. It’s always amazing to see the diversity, quality and the level of creativity of everyone’s gifts. Here are are the stories behind what I gave and what I received;

To Give:
The bowl of names comes around, I reached in and came out with Andy Nick. Wow that’s great I’m sure that I can come up with something for Andy. After a while of thinking I decided it would be awesome if Andy could travel time Back To The Future.

Oveiously this sounds like an overly complex and ambitious gift idea for a company Christmas party, but calling on the historical work of one Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph. D. I was able to access that great cradel of knowledge known in this time period as simply the internet, for the plans, materials and technical knowledge that would enable me to recreate Doc Brown’s earlier work.

Though some modifications and material substitutions were made in the interest of safety, mobility and the lack of a DeLorean—Doc Brown’s earlier model provided crucial reference and scientifc data that enabled me to successfully recreate his 1.21 jigawatt flux capacitor. The new version uses an improved power scource enabling it to be safer, completely mobile and refilled with a clean and abundant energy source. All of which, leaves Andy free to navigate betweeen the waves of yesteryear and the ripples of the future. Travel well my friend.


To Receive:
At the sametime I was brainstorming the perfect gift for Andy. Ryan Clark was turnning his creative prowlness upon me and what could be a fitting present. Lo and behold a trophy is born.

Flashback to the August and subsequent postings of the demo derby. Team Real Art, Car 485, and driver, yours-truly, took fourth place amidst some contraversy, and in doing so found himself on the outside looking in to the awards stand by an official with an itchy stopwatch and a lust for crushing people’s dreams. Fourth place was little concelation to Anspach’s hopes of hardware.

Just when it appeared no justice would be served. One man had the idea to create and award the best ever fourth place trophy ever. The 48lb beoheomoth trophy featured the well used beaten but not broken stearing wheel from car 485 mounted ceremoniously ontop of a series of pipe and elbows, attached to a massive Jeep differential and a wooden block which carries a brass plate bearing the inscription: “Rob Anspach Fourth in the derby first in our hearts.”

Bravo Mr. Clark, bravo—it shall adorn my trophy case for years to come and eventually be passed down to my decendents as a shining example of manliness and an everpresent reminder that looking and acting good is always more important than being good.


Merry Christmas!

DCS Wins “Newcomer of the Year” at Mercury Awards

This year, the GDAA held their 2nd annual, Mercury Awards, to honor advertising professionals who are not recognized by the Hermes/Addy Competition, which is a creative competition.

The Dayton Creative Syndicate was nominated for, and won, Newcomer of the Year.

This is a tremendous honor for a brand new club like ours. Many thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Congratulations to our DCS members who also won or were nominated:
* DCS Director Rob Anspach won the Unsung Hero Award
* DCS member Dan Johnson won Educator of the Year
* DCS member Libby Ballengee was nominated for Newcomer of the Year
* DCS Education Coordinator Matt Flick was nominated for Educator of the Year
* DCS member Dan Suffoletto was nominated for Best Film/Video/Post-Production

Be sure to check out the complete list of nominees.