The World’s Smartest RV

MARV’s cinematic debut has finally arrived! Check out the story of how we transformed a yellow 1973 RV into MARV, an interactive experience with his own personality.

After you watch the video, you can track MARV’s progress as he tells students across the country about Welcome to College.

Want to learn more about MARV? Visit our portfolio for the whole story.

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Santa Claw Merchandise

Hey readers as always thanks for visiting and reading Circa71. I wanted to invite you all to take a bit to check out the cool stuff over at Real Mart.

What’s Real Mart you say? Well the Real Art gang built an online Real Mart store to bring you the very best of our handcrafted products.

And now we have Santa Claw goodies! That’s right if you just can’t get enough of The Santa Claw then Real Mart is the place for you. Of course if you’re going to play a giant claw machine you need one of our giant Santa Claw tokens. Or maybe one of the cool Claw t-shirts are more your flavor.

With fun slogans like; I Fought the Claw and the Claw won, I played The Claw and all I got was this crappy t-shirt, Claw is for lovers, Clawsome, I ❤ Claw, Biggest Claw ever, Balls, and I grabbed some balls in The Claw, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. More items will be available soon so hopefully you’ll enjoy the variety of goods that Real Mart offers and you’ll come back time and time again to see what’s new.

Or head on over to our Real Art blog for some fun Santa Claw freebies; such as phone backgrounds, desktops and ringtones.

More information:
The Santa Claw @ Circa71
The Santa Claw, the official site
Real Art Design Group, Inc.
Twitter: @TheSantaClaw
Facebook: thesantaclaw

For more information about The Claw please contact:

The Santa Claw

Have you ever wondered what happens to Santa’s leftover gifts? The ones that never appeared on Christmas wish lists. Well…nothing. Until now. This year the Fat Man sent his friends at Real Art all the unused presents, and we gave them a home in The Santa Claw.

Yep we said claw. We built the biggest claw game ever. And you—or anyone in the entire world—can play the game from your own computer. Best part…if you win, we’ll send the leftover Santa goodies straight to your door.

Visit for all the details. Check out the prizes, leather chaps, Dokken records, hand-held crossbows, t-shirts, Lenticular Sacred Heart Jesus, games, balls, models, scooters, skateboards and much much more. Log in now, create your customized avatar and be prepared for a clawsome good time!

Dayton: Average + Awesome

It seems like every city in America wants Google Fiber.  And who can  blame them?  Ever since Google announced its plan last month to bring ultra-high speed  Internet connections (as in, up to 100x faster than what most of the  country has today) to between 50,000 and 500,000 people, cities across  the U.S. have been clamoring to curry the favor of the search giant. Well Dayton, here is your chance to get involved an opportunity to make a difference.
Check out the new site Dayton: Average + Awesome. Enter your address and ZIP code to show Google what our local support for their program might look  like. By working together and acting with local partners committed to this initiative maybe we can bring Google’s Fiber Network to the Dayton Region.
We’ve made a video to share our interest about some of the great things Dayton has to offer. Now you can create and add your own videos to the site as well, or you can watch movies that others have posted.

You might also like to learn more about exactly what Google is planning to test and what it might mean to our region. If so please visit: and check out their video.

You might also like to learn more about exactly what Google is planning to test and what it might mean to our region. If so please visit: and check out their video.

2010 Hermes Real Art Style

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It’s that time of year again—The Greater Dayton Advertising Association’s Hermes Awards. A time to look back on all the work we’ve done collectively over the past year and a time to go out on the town to socialize with over 300 fellow Dayton area creative, marketing and advertising professionals. This year’s event was held at the Dayton Masonic Center and featured a moving video tribute to one of Dayton’s long-time and best loved designer, teacher and friend, Dan Johnson. In memory of Dan, GDAA and DCS have renamed the Student award as the “Dan Johnson Award”. This year the award was presented to three students: Real Art’s own interactive intern, Tyler Spahr, Anthony Wartinger and Reka Juhasz

2010 turned out to be a special year for Real Art as we were presented with a total of 29 awards. The unprecedented haul included a triple crown of Interactive Media awards for a total of nine Gold Addy’s or coveted “Hermes heads” and two overall “judges awards” which will all automatically move on to the American Advertising Federation’s 5th District competition covering Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The District winners will then move on to the national ADDY Awards in June.

Gold Addy’s were awarded to Real Art for the following categories and pieces:

Arkansas Children's Annual Report: Scout's Honor
Project—Arkansas Children’s Hospital Annual Report
Category—Collateral Material

greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Flip Books
Project—Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Flip Books
Category—Collateral Material

Dayton Children's: Just Right
Project—Children’s Medical Center of Dayton TV Spots
Category—Television, over $1,000
Shayla | Burr | Layla | Nate

Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Web Site
Project—Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association Recruitment Website
Category—Interactive Media: Business to Business

Project—Real Art Design Group GroBot Website
Category—Advertising Industry Self-Promotion

Real Art Design Group Promo Reel
Project—Real Art Design Group Promo Reel
Category—Elements of Advertising

VTech Electronics Website Redesign
Category—Interactive Media: Business to Consumer

Project—Wright State University Day of Innovation
Category—Non-Traditional Advertising Campaign

Ford F-150 Raptor
Project—Wunderman/Ford F-150 Raptor Microsite
Category—Interactive Media: Online Advertising

The Arkansas Children’s Hospital Annual Report and Real Art Design Group’s GroBot Website also earned Real Art two Judges Awards.

Alderwood – Chapter 2

Our newest roommates in the Dayton office, Showdown Visual have made the top 5 in Vimeo’s Beyond the Still Contest. The contest has a pretty sweet premise – each short video is based on a provided still frame. Vincent Laforet created the first chapter and they’ve opened it up to the community to continue the story. The Dayton Real Art offices and condo are featured throughout their piece.

About this video:
“Chapter 2 of the Canon/Vimeo Film Contest
Check out Vincent Laforet’s Chapter 1 here:

A 2009 Showdown Visual Production

Written By: Kenny Mosher, Rachel Mosher and Thomas Ross
Director: Kenny Mosher
Editor: Kenny Mosher
Music Written By: PJ Perretta and Kenny Mosher
Music Producer: PJ Perretta
Production Assistants: Kyle Brock, Jon Morton, Rachel Mosher

Salhouse: Jon Morton
Salhouse’s Voice: Pete Robertson
Sniper: Thomas Ross

Real Mart Grand Opening

Its finally here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Real Mart is open for business. After months and months of planning and talking and lots of hard work by many Real Arters, we are finally launching our very own store. It is very exciting to add this to the list of amazing things Real Art has done and we hope it becomes a major success and continues to be lots of fun. So, tell your friends and family to And keep thinking about what you want to sell next!

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A Christmas Card Project

Every year for the holiday season the company I work at, Real Art does some cool holiday gift for our clients, friends and family. In year’s past we’ve done photo kits, water bottles, desk lamps, light bulbs and travel journals and of course our smash hit the AAF National Addy award winning A New Year A New You puppets.

But this year we took a step back. We tried to be mindful of our time and our financially responsibility while developing a present that allows us to focus on what’s really important—our relationships with those around us. So we took our mailing list of 400+ names and split them up among the employees at Real Art. From there each of us was tasked with creating 12 or so, personalized handmade Christmas or seasonal cards. Each card contained a hand-written note from one of us talking about our holiday plans, our families traditions or what we were thankful for this year.

In a time when everyone’s looking for the next big impact project it’s nice to get back to the basics a little bit with an old-fashioned crafty-type card. In the end we had a huge pile of custom handmade cards that our clients, friends and family all enjoyed receiving.

To check out the cards I made, visit my Flickr account here.

Connecting the Dots – 2009 Cincinnati Children’s Annual Report

Via: Tom Immen, By Way of: Real Art Blog

We were lucky enough to work with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital again this year on their annual report. In 2009, they launched the first of three institutes – a model that will bring doctors and researchers together in a new way that will keep docs current and researchers surrounded by real world case studies. We developed the theme “Connecting the Dots” as a way of explaining how Cincinnati Children’s is aligning research, education and patient care.

Major props are in order to Patrice for leading the design and art directing the photo shoots. Supporting credits are due to Mary for assisting in the layout, Jenn and Andrew for creative input, Crystal for the cover design, and Rob for managing a major print run that included a 24+ hour press check. Finally, thanks are due to Ryan Kurtz for the great photography, and RR Donnelley for the beautiful printing.

If you think the annual looks sharp online, you need to hold it in your hands to enjoy its unique size, gorgeous spot uv cover, and rounded corner goodness.

This annual was printed on RR Donnelley’s 16-unit KBA perfecting Rapida 105. For more info about the press or last year’s annual report visit the previous circa71 posting: G33K FIX


Congratulations to: Matthew Bowman the proud new owner of my second growbot, Bob-Bet! Thanks Matthew I hope you enjoy Bob-Bet’s company and she continues to provide years of enjoyment for you!

There’s no time like the present and that fact that this Circa71 original creation, Bob-Bet is the last of our Real Art GroBots only underscores that statement. If you are lucky enough to have been on the Real Art mailing list—this is your last chance to use your gift credit and get a genuine Real Art grobot.

Visit Bob-Bet’s profile here to place a new or revised bid


All the worms packed their suitcases and vacated these old worm and tackle boxes years ago, but Bob-ett brings them back to life and gives them a new purpose. Adorned with a variety of electrical bits and pieces, she’ll bring you hours of joy and relaxation without ever having to pick up a fishing pole.

13″ x 8.5″ x 13″ (H x W x D)

Plant Specimen
Blanketflower   (Gaillardia aristata)
Who doesn’t love a nice pop of color in their GroBot? From the bright mahogany to the fiery yellow, you’ll be able to enjoy the colors of this hearty flower all summer long. Simply water occasionally and pull the dried flowers off to prolong the life of these blooming beauties.

Auction Ends
June 26, 2009, @ 12 pm EST. Enter your bid to win the Grobots Bob-Bet today!

Real Art’s Grobots Adobe Site of the Day Via: Circa71
AI-NGEL Grobot Via: Circa71

A Real moving experience


Just wanted to add a post to say sorry for the lack of updates this past few days. The company I work for, Real Art Design Group, has spent the last week packing and prepairing for the move to our new offices which took place Saturday June 6th and 7th. We had a great turnout of help. Many thanks to all who lent a hand.

Located in downtown Dayton at 520 East First Street. The new Real Art building sits beside Brixx Ice Co. and looks across the street towards Fifth-Third Field. The building, the move and making sure we can hit the ground running has been taking up a lot of our time lately.

But as of today, everything is moved and set-up. We’ve still got a few bugs to work out and some areas that need some attention but for the most part we’re good to go. In any case I thought it also might be nice to share some of our photos with all of you readers.

Check out the photos from our moving experience via these links below:
The Big Move
The Move Complete
Real Art touches down: Day 2
Flickr Complete collection of building photos start to finish

Thanks for reading, more cool posts soon.

Real Art is moving!

Real Art is moving to a new home.

You’ve probably heard rumors about the new Real Art world headquarters in downtown Dayton. Maybe you’ve even seen a sneak peek if you were downtown for a Dragons game. Well, the official move day is finally here. So if you’re free this weekend and have a strong back, we may need your help.

We wanted to let you know that you might experience a slight delay in response from us on Friday (June 5) and Monday (June 8) while we switch phone systems, move computers, finish packing and unpacking all of our things and sit around admiring our new diggs. Rest assured we will still meet project deadlines and take care of any issues or questions you might have. But if something comes up and you are unable to contact one of us in the Dayton office, please call the Chicago office at 312.922.0695 and they should be able to track us down.

After the move, you’ll still be able to reach us at our same phone number, but your project manager will be in touch next week with a fancy new direct line phone number. In the meantime, you’ll want to update your rolodex (if you still own one) with our new contact information:


Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to working with you in our new building.Your friends at Real Art

p.s. If you want to see what the move hype is all about, check out the latest pictures on our Flickr account. Better yet, follow us on Twitter and track the progress of the move. And finally, watch for our official new location celebration later this fall! More info to come, so stay tuned.

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