1/100th of 1,000,000 hits

10000 hitsYes it’s hard to believe it’s been just under a year. July 19th 2009, marks the one year anniversary of Circa71. Since the ticker just rolled to 10,000+ hits, now is as good a time as any to pat oneself on the back.

In this time we’ve covered so much—153 posts, not nearly as many as I would have liked but this blog will always be a work in progress I guess. 10,000+ hits—I don’t know if that’s significant but it feels like it is.

I’ve learned a little about managing a blog and for a print nerd that’s a big step. I’ve also learned that I like to write and blog about many different things. I mean where else can you get a blog about Derby cars, Halloween on Gondert, applebutter, Stephen King, pop-culture, technology, famous artists, tattoos, puppets, the Real Art move and new building, DCS events, movies, monkeys, oddities, Dayton Ohio, Mr. T and some sweet artwork.

In any case I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks to all of you loyal readers. Starting out I thought who cares if anyone reads this blog, I’m just doing it for myself. But as the hit-o-meter steadily began to climb—I felt a responsible for providing interesting stuff for all of you who take the time to visit and enjoy Circa71 reguarly. So once again thanks to you, the reader or visitor for helping to provide me with some motivation. I hope you continue to enjoy, comment and add content to this site. Guest writers who have the desire to publish original content are encouraged to contact me at circa71@gmail.com


The Masher: Episode 3


Andy has just completed the final episode in the Masher Trilogy. It’s hard to believe we did this (I guess not really) but it’s an amazing way to relive my glory days as a derby car driver. Of course a project of this nature could only be accomplished by a lot of very talented people who knew what they were doing—but we managed ok too. Big props to all who were involved and everyone who enjoyed the show.

Check out the thrilling conclusion.

Thank you VERY VERY much to everyone who has been so patient to wait for me to finish the final episode in the Masher series. (not like you had a choice, but still!) I have completed the 3rd video, which marks the completion of the Masher Trilogy. In a few years, I’ll create a lack-luster trilogy of prequels, followed by an animated movie that bombs at the box office. Via: NickAd byway of: Real Art Blog

If that’s not enough more Masher and derby related madness can be found at the following locations.

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The Masher: Episode 2


My Buddy Andy has just completed his second episode in the Masher Trilogy. Check it out!

Finished ep 2! Really hope you enjoy, this one was maybe even more fun to make than the first. It’s a minute longer than the first, so sit back when you have 8 min to spare and check it out.

As always, there’s a few ways to watch: Subscribe to our vidcast via iTunes!

Watch the FLV online: http://www.realartusa.com/vidcast/

Last and least, you can check it on youTube,http://www.youtube.com/user/nickadtube

20 Thick, Juicy Questions With ATHF’s Meatwad

Image Via: Adult Swim
Interview Via: John Scott Lewinski and The Wired Blog December 16th, 08

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the world’s most famous ball of ground flesh and byproducts.

With the release of the sixth season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on DVD Tuesday, Meatwad (pictured) had to leave his grill behind while he toured the world’s media capitals publicizing the new two-disc set.

The shape-shifting superstar plopped down with Wired.com for 20 questions on the Adult Swim animated hit, the quest for the perfect hot dog and what makes this would-be patty sizzle.

Wired.com: Do you remember the animal(s) from which you were originally ground?

Meatwad: I’ve got a tough side, and a sweet side, like Mr. T. So they probably ground up some mighty beasts, like two lions and a cobra. Then something cute. A panda perhaps.

Wired.com: Did you ever dream you’d be a star when you were first patted?

Meatwad: One time I dreamt that I was riding a pony with Lionel Ritchie and Carrot Top on the back. Carrot Top turned into a big pizza and then we went to a playground. That was a good dream.

Wired.com: If you weren’t meat, what food group would you like to be?

Meatwad: Dippin’ Dots. You get to go into outer space and be the dessert for astronauts like Lance Bass.

Wired.com: What’s your position on condiments?

Meatwad: Ketchup can turn pretty much anything into a good meal. Empty your pockets and put it on whatever you got in there. Your taste buds will thank you.

Aqua_teen Wired.com: What was the audition process like for Adult Swim?

Meatwad: I was frisked several times before I entered the building, but then I realized that I wasn’t in the building at all, but behind it in a kudzu patch. That man was lonely.

Wired.com: Your image graces Halloween costumes, throw pillows, stuffed animals and action figures. Have you had any other merchandising ideas?

Meatwad: They crazy! They made a Meatwad artificial hand that didn’t sell very well, but it wasn’t so … lifelike. No fingers or anything. But it was a dead ringer for me, I’ll give ’em that. Still though, I think it was a good conversational piece for the price point.

Wired.com: Who are your acting role models?

Meatwad: Teen Wolf. I wish I could do that. When you transform, you go from zero to hero!

Wired.com: What’s your relationship status right now? Are you really the player you portray on TV?

Meatwad: I don’t want to be one of those guys that leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. So I mostly just eat. I have a good relationship with foods of all races.

Wired.com: You’ve climbed the acting mountain. Any ambitions to write or direct?

Meatwad: I have been working on a one-act version of The Crucible where the witches start farting all over the place and they dress like pilgrims. It’s a Thanksgiving comedy with farting as the centerpiece.

Wired.com: What was your reaction to the recent presidential election?

Meatwad: I think the guy that won it is OK. But that kindergarten teacher that was trying to be the president was really funny! She winked at me on the TV. And she eats mooses like some kind of crazy Sasquatch. We need a funny president that eats weird things.

Wired.com: What are your hobbies?

Meatwad: I’m constantly looking for the perfect hot dog. And not the ones with the cheese already in the middle soiling the dog flavor. If I want cheese, I can put cheese on it myself, OK? I’m kind of a perfectionist like that. And color is important. The pinker, the better.

Wired.com: Who do you hang out with after work wraps for the day?

Meatwad: Well, usually I wash all the plates from the craft services table, sweep up some, take out the trash. Usually everybody gone by that time. I didn’t read my contract very thoroughly when I got this job.

Wired.com: Are you a religious wad?

Meatwad: I tried church once, but it was so boring. So, I brought my Walkman the next time. At that point I realized that it kind of defeated the purpose of being there. So I just listen to my Walkman at home on Sundays and call it even.

Wired.com: The Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie faced a rough road at the box office. What would Meatwad have done differently?

Meatwad: Well, I guess if I had it to do over, Meatwad wouldn’t have spent his advance so far in advance. That money went fast, boy. You can only have so many different colored sweatbands and stuffed koala bears before you gotta eat something. And I’m still poopin’ out bear stuffing. Was that too candid? I’m sorry, ya’ll.

Wired.com: Do you often refer to yourself in the third person?

Meatwad: Only when you have to be serious about something. Like, “Someone drank all of Meatwad’s chocolate milk. Meatwad is pissed off about it.” Because it sounds like you’re talking about someone else, it makes it weird and confusing for people and psychs them out.


Wired.com: With the exception of a couple pieces of hair and grit, you’re often unclothed on camera. Are you comfortable doing nude scenes?

Meatwad: No, and I’m glad you brought that up. In a body-crazy society like ours, it’s hard getting out there in front of those harsh, unflattering lights and wearing next to nothing, day in and day out. People stare at you on set, sizing you up. Like they better than you. Like they could get nude and talk on camera better than you, and that they are better at the English language better than you. It’s not a competition, ya’ll. If you want to get nude on TV, go ahead. Just don’t stand in the way of me doing it.

Wired.com: Any plans to settle down? Have a meat family?

Meatwad: I’m too wild for that. Like last night, I ate a whole Wonder Bread with chocolate syrup on it in the bed. What kind of father does that without an earful from the missus?

Wired.com: We now have our first African-American president. Could we one day have a food-based leader?

Meatwad: As long as he or she can bring Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp back to prime-time television, I don’t care who it is. That person’s got my vote, easy.

Wired.com: What’s your position on the pending strike by the Screen Actors Guild?

Meatwad: I hate reruns, so I hope it gets resolved in a responsible fashion. I also hope self-tanning gel is not covered in their benefits. Ya’ll, it makes you look weird.

Wired.com: Where do you see your career going in the future?

Meatwad: I’m not sure about that one. It’s hard to remember my lines in the show, and they’ll use a stand-in, or put peanut butter on my gums, and let me work it out of my mouth. Then they drop the audio in later with a computer. Sometimes I think being a cowboy or a magician would be a lot more fun. Peanut butter’s good though, boy.

To Give and to Receive

Each year the Real Art staff and our guests gather to celebrate the holidays and to exchange custom made gifts for the Real Art employee’s name that we each drew earlier in the year at our company retreat. It’s always amazing to see the diversity, quality and the level of creativity of everyone’s gifts. Here are are the stories behind what I gave and what I received;

To Give:
The bowl of names comes around, I reached in and came out with Andy Nick. Wow that’s great I’m sure that I can come up with something for Andy. After a while of thinking I decided it would be awesome if Andy could travel time Back To The Future.

Oveiously this sounds like an overly complex and ambitious gift idea for a company Christmas party, but calling on the historical work of one Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph. D. I was able to access that great cradel of knowledge known in this time period as simply the internet, for the plans, materials and technical knowledge that would enable me to recreate Doc Brown’s earlier work.

Though some modifications and material substitutions were made in the interest of safety, mobility and the lack of a DeLorean—Doc Brown’s earlier model provided crucial reference and scientifc data that enabled me to successfully recreate his 1.21 jigawatt flux capacitor. The new version uses an improved power scource enabling it to be safer, completely mobile and refilled with a clean and abundant energy source. All of which, leaves Andy free to navigate betweeen the waves of yesteryear and the ripples of the future. Travel well my friend.


To Receive:
At the sametime I was brainstorming the perfect gift for Andy. Ryan Clark was turnning his creative prowlness upon me and what could be a fitting present. Lo and behold a trophy is born.

Flashback to the August and subsequent postings of the demo derby. Team Real Art, Car 485, and driver, yours-truly, took fourth place amidst some contraversy, and in doing so found himself on the outside looking in to the awards stand by an official with an itchy stopwatch and a lust for crushing people’s dreams. Fourth place was little concelation to Anspach’s hopes of hardware.

Just when it appeared no justice would be served. One man had the idea to create and award the best ever fourth place trophy ever. The 48lb beoheomoth trophy featured the well used beaten but not broken stearing wheel from car 485 mounted ceremoniously ontop of a series of pipe and elbows, attached to a massive Jeep differential and a wooden block which carries a brass plate bearing the inscription: “Rob Anspach Fourth in the derby first in our hearts.”

Bravo Mr. Clark, bravo—it shall adorn my trophy case for years to come and eventually be passed down to my decendents as a shining example of manliness and an everpresent reminder that looking and acting good is always more important than being good.


Merry Christmas!

Holiday Happy Hour and Canned Food Drive

Can creatives collect copious quantities of canned food cans, converse, and consume cold ones? Of course we can!

Join us at Bar Louie at the Greene this Monday for some of that sweet holiday cheer. Bring five or more canned or non-perishable food items and you’ll be entered in a raffle drawing for some cool prizes, including Real Simple organizational products (courtesy of Meadwestvaco), a Cassano’s gift card, and more.

We’ll be donating all the canned goods to Gospel Mission Food Pantry. So come out to support a great cause and help us celebrate the holidays!


  • Bar Louie @ the Greene – map
  • Monday, December 15 @ 6pm
  • 1 raffle ticket for every 5 non-perishable food items you bring
  • 35¢ wings all night
  • 4-7pm: $2 draft pints, $5 martini, $3 Heineken bottles

Email social@creativesyndicate.org with questions or concerns.
Via: CreativeSyndicate.org


And just like that…it’s gone

Next year’s festivities:
Saturday October 31st, 2009
523 Gondert Avenue Dayton Ohio 45403
8pm till it’s over

Halloweens’ past

2008—A wonderful Indian Summer night to celebrate Halloween08, a kicking fire and 80 or so of my best friends in their over-the-top costumes. Thanks to all who were on hand and those who were here in spirit only! It’s never more obvious how lucky I am to have such a wonderful group of people to call my friends. Enjoy the photos—if anyone has any to add please send them to me via circa71@gmail.com I’d love to add them to the slideshow below. Until next year…

H08 Slideshow of photos |  H08 invite & poster design: Rich Schneider a.k.a. Evil Rich

The DCS & SAA welcome illustrative designer extrordanaire, Von Glitschka!

Artwork Via: Von Glitshka

The Dayton Creative Syndicate, The School of Advertising Art and Scott Hull Associates are proud to sponsor and thrilled to announce that the one, the only Von Glitschka is coming to Dayton on November 11. Make plans to join us for this very exciting and special DCS event as we hear Von inspire and educate us about integrating illustrative design into the creative process. Von spoke about illustrative design at the 2008 HOW Design Conference in Boston.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind speaker presentation right here in Dayton! Space is limited be sure to register online early to reserve your seat today!

Time: November 11 @ 6:00pm (arrive early to register and sign in)
Venue: School of Advertising Art

Registration cost:
DCS members – $5
Non-members – $10
Students – $5

Become an “illustrative designer”
Add illustration to your design repertoire! Illustrative designer Von Glitschka will teach you several systematic illustrative design methods you can immediately integrate into your design process. You’ll not only expand your creative potential, you’ll also be far better equipped to handle your next great concept, even if it does include illustration.

As Von explained in a recent interview with How Magazine, “An ‘illustrative designer’ is a creative person who uses his brain as his primary tool. This person adheres to a systematic creative process that focuses on idea-building and conceptual drawing to work out their design solutions. Birthing ideas, refining those ideas, and locking in unique and original directions before they ever touch the computer to create their art.”

Real Art Video Cast—Now Playing: The Masher | Episode 1


My buddy, and former 94′ Nissan Altima owner Andy Nick put together this first of 3 installments of a video detailing The Masher all that led up to it and where it all ended. Enjoy the video it was made with love and kindness—maybe a few long nights of swearing too. Thanks to all who helped—Andy’s listed you all n the credits it’s my pleasure to have been involved.

Subscribe now in itunes to get The Masher | Episode 2 as soon as it becomes available