A Disturbing Zoroastrian Dakhma Mystery

Via: ACuriousHistory


5 thoughts on “A Disturbing Zoroastrian Dakhma Mystery

  1. Sadly folks, this is not real. It’s a made up chiller story called a Creepypasta. The photo itself has been altered.

  2. Zoroastrians still use these to dispose of dead bodies. They rely on vultures to clean the flesh off, then the bones are placed in the center pit. The anti-inflammatory drug Diclofenac was used in livestock, which killed off 95% of the vultures. Without the birds, the bodies putrified, and the fluids filled the pit. Gases formed, causing the pit to appear “fuller” than it should have been. The crust burst when the bones punctured it. Of course people became ill, and health care in India is not the best. The release of gas allowed the center to drain through the sand and carbon lined drains. NO MYSTERY.

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