A Little Post About The Post-Apocalypse

Anyone that knows anything about end of the world knows that our imminent demise is fast approaching. That’s right, humans—on that fateful winter solstice day of December 21st, 2012 at precisely 11:12 UTC (personally, I’ve taken the day off) we will find out why the Mayan calendar ends. Some say the Mayans predicted the end of this epoch and the start of a new, “Yay new!” or “Boo, we are all going to die!” Interpret how you wish, but in the case of our Alien Workshop KTC series, we’ve braced ourselves for the latter.

Each board depicts a possible death-by-an-apocalypse scenario. Whether it’s death by alien invasion, nuclear fallout, or natural disaster, we have your skate graphics covered. Each board comes with a propaganda-like guide entitled 2012, So You’re an Apocalypse Survivor. There’s a limited batch of Alien Workshop branded apocalypse-proof steel cans that has all three board designs packed safely inside for all your bug out needs. We posted a few detail photos over on Facebook.

To get the word out, we have sent mysterious letters asking a chosen few to continue the mission: to ensure skateboarding post-apocalypse. Alien Workshop is even burying five canisters around the planet for the lucky living to find—hidden away from abduction beams, radiation, and known fault lines, of course. Check out the video we made below for a hint to the whereabouts of the first one.

Working on this project was a dream come true because: 1. I have apocalypse dreams all the time and 2. I grew up on skateboard culture. I would hang out every day after school at my local skate shop thinking, “Dude, how sick would it be to, like—do a board graphic!”  And Alien Workshop! With their love for Dayton and conspiracy theories, we were in alignment like the planets on apocalypse-eve. So suffice it to say, I will love this project until the end of time…or longer.

2012 Apocalypse Series by Alien Workshop and Real Art from Real Art on Vimeo.

Via: RealArt Blog
Written By: Crystal Dennis

World Record Rube Goldberg Machine

Purdue University’s Society of Professional Engineers broke its own world record Saturday by demonstrating a Rube Goldberg contraption with 300 steps. Not only that, they made it relatively compact, as these things go, by creating rotating courses that fold out on cue. All that just to blow up and pop a balloon! Via – TheDailyWhatGeek

Ro-Bros Goes Live

Our two prototypes are formidable machines, each with incredible force and precision. Plus, they’re 100% B.A. But only one of the Ro-Bros can reign supreme. To determine the winner, we need your help.

On February 1, 2012, Today we released our Ro-Bros to the public for their final test… the Ro-Bros will be controlled by YOU in a three-week battle at Ro-Bros.com. If our calculations are correct, it’ll be epic.

Follow the Ro-Bros on Facebook or Twitter for further notices and start training your fingers to hit those arrow keys because on 2.1.12, today, it’s time to put up your virtual dukes and throw down, Ro-Bros style.

Visit the site, log-in, customize your avatar, and start exploring the Ro-Bro Laboratories by checking out the prototypes, the technology, the fight stats and of course the restricted lab test videos. You can also enter the live stream on Level 8 to see what techniques other A & B-Bot pilots are performing.

The Battle Begins…

Remember last year, when we built the world’s largest claw game and invited everyone to play online? The response was amazing—over 100,000 people played from all over the world. The Santa Claw even spent a week in the Gizmodo Gallery in NYC. Since we packed it all up, people have been asking what’s next.

Well, this year the Real Art team is elbows-deep in advanced robotic engineering. In our secret underground lab, we have been developing devices decades ahead of our time. We are finally ready to reveal The Ro-Bros, developed side by side with technology never before seen outside our labs. Our two prototypes are formidable machines, each with incredible force and precision. Plus, they’re 100% B.A.

But only one of the Ro-Bros can reign supreme. To determine the winner, we need your help.

On February 1, 2012, we will release the Ro-Bros to the public for their final test… the Ro-Bros will be controlled by you in a three-week battle at Ro-Bros.com. If our calculations are correct, it’ll be epic.

Follow the Ro-Bros on Facebook or Twitter for further notices and start training your fingers to hit those arrow keys because on 2.1.12, it’s time to put up your virtual dukes and throw down, Ro-Bros style.

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Gizmodo Grabs The Santa Claw

Awesome news for all of you Santa Claw addicts…The Santa Claw is coming back!

Gizmodo invited The Santa Claw to be part of this year’s Gizmodo Gallery in NYC, which features some of the wildest devices they’ve blogged about on their site. In case you aren’t familiar with Gizmodo, it is THE gadget blog, covering nearly everything in the gadget and technology world. So, you can see why we’re super excited and honored to be a part of their gallery.

As you might remember, last year we built (yep—from scratch) the world’s largest remote-controlled claw game and then invited people from all over to log on and play. The response was overwhelming; over 330,000 people visited, and some waited in line for eight hours for their turn to play. And, in the end, we shipped out over 4,000 prizes to our winners. It was amazing and so much fun for us.

So in case you missed it the first time around or have missed playing for the last 6 months, you can log on December 5–10 and play The Santa Claw.


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Rube Goldberg Machine: Big Bang to Apocalypse

This record-smashing Rube Goldberg machine developed by engineering students at Purdue University takes you on a journey from the Big Bang to the Apocalypse in 244 easy steps — culminating in the watering of a flower.

Via Nerd Approved

Santa Claw Merchandise

Hey readers as always thanks for visiting and reading Circa71. I wanted to invite you all to take a bit to check out the cool stuff over at Real Mart.

What’s Real Mart you say? Well the Real Art gang built an online Real Mart store to bring you the very best of our handcrafted products.

And now we have Santa Claw goodies! That’s right if you just can’t get enough of The Santa Claw then Real Mart is the place for you. Of course if you’re going to play a giant claw machine you need one of our giant Santa Claw tokens. Or maybe one of the cool Claw t-shirts are more your flavor.

With fun slogans like; I Fought the Claw and the Claw won, I played The Claw and all I got was this crappy t-shirt, Claw is for lovers, Clawsome, I ❤ Claw, Biggest Claw ever, Balls, and I grabbed some balls in The Claw, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. More items will be available soon so hopefully you’ll enjoy the variety of goods that Real Mart offers and you’ll come back time and time again to see what’s new.

Or head on over to our Real Art blog for some fun Santa Claw freebies; such as phone backgrounds, desktops and ringtones.

More information:
The Santa Claw @ Circa71
The Santa Claw, the official site
Real Art Design Group, Inc.
Twitter: @TheSantaClaw
Facebook: thesantaclaw

For more information about The Claw please contact: info@thesantaclaw.com

The Santa Claw

Have you ever wondered what happens to Santa’s leftover gifts? The ones that never appeared on Christmas wish lists. Well…nothing. Until now. This year the Fat Man sent his friends at Real Art all the unused presents, and we gave them a home in The Santa Claw.

Yep we said claw. We built the biggest claw game ever. And you—or anyone in the entire world—can play the game from your own computer. Best part…if you win, we’ll send the leftover Santa goodies straight to your door.

Visit www.thesantaclaw.com for all the details. Check out the prizes, leather chaps, Dokken records, hand-held crossbows, t-shirts, Lenticular Sacred Heart Jesus, games, balls, models, scooters, skateboards and much much more. Log in now, create your customized avatar and be prepared for a clawsome good time!

Kori no Suizokukan – Japan’s Frozen Aquarium

As a way of battling the summer heatwave in Japan this year, Kori no Suizokukan has created a frozen aquarium that helps keep visitors cool while browsing the exhibit.

Kori no Suizokukan is located in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture and features around 450 specimens of around 80 species of marine wildlife, all captured at a nearby sea port. Visitors can enjoy a brief break from the scorching sun and admire all sorts of fish, crabs or octopuses, as well as unusual objects like action figures, bottles of sake, or flowers, all embedded in huge blocks of ice.

The Frozen Aquarium was inaugurated, in Kesennuma’s fish market, in 2002, and uses flash-freezing technology to conserve fresh specimens and keep them looking so good.

The frozen aquarium is a welcome tourist attraction in the heat but, visitors can only spend a few minutes inside. Temperatures inside the aquarium reach -20 degrees Celsius, a special suit is needed to keep people from becoming part of the exhibit themselves. Without these special suits, visitors would start feeling the effects of hypothermia after about five minutes.

Via: OddityCentral Photos via Crave

Motozuma Autoshow Display

Via: Real Art Design Group Blog

Just because we haven’t done something yet doesn’t mean that we can’t do it.

A wonderful case in point is the brand-spanking-new Motozuma Autoshow display. Motozuma was extended an invitation, by Hyundai to be a part of the prestigious 2010 Chicago Auto Show, held at the McCormick Place. All we needed was to have a display on-hand and ready to roll out at the show. What a great opportunity to get Motozuma out in front of the media and the masses of auto show attendees. The only problem was that there was no existing display.

Flashback two weeks. A design, material list and a plan to build a sweet display, by ourselves, in-house is plotted! The idea is a good one—build a photo mural of a Hyundai car out of pennies, allowing the color values of the coins to represent the tonal values of the car in the picture. The pennies also represent the Motozuma philosophy, people helping people—that many people adding small amounts can create something larger in the end.

Projects of this nature are always challenging and usually require one part rising to the challenge, one part faith that it will work out as planned, or that we can make it work out, and two parts hard work. So we set forth on the task-at-hand by procuring lots of pennies.

How many pennies will you need to create a wall sized mural of a car? Well we started with 15,000 (300 rolls) and sorted them into groups of four distinct color values; super shinny, middle, shipwrecked (because they look like they were in buried treasure) and black (spray painted). From there the colors in the photo were matched to one of the four tones of our pennies. A grid was created and used to track and guide the placement and positioning of each of the 11,648 pennies, ($116.48) that make up the picture of the car.

The pennies were all placed heads up, in the same direction on two 4′ x 8′ panels, forming the picture, which was supported by two polished steel cross member bars attached at the tops and bottoms to a pair of eight foot tall, end pieces covered in sexy, gloss black, high pressure laminate with flat black vinyl decals and two 24″ video displays—each running a Motozuma video promo reel.

After a couple weekends of burning the midnight oil and working through the manufacturing, fabrication and penny processes we were finally ready to make a crate and transport the display to Chicago. The enclosure that was used to protect the display on it’s travels was almost as substantial an undertaking as the display itself. Twelve hours before the display was due on-site. and after a bit of size induced drama, solved by semi-clear minds, many hands and brute strength we loaded the new Motozuma display into a 16 foot panel truck and took off in a snowstorm bound for Chicago.

After a thankfully uneventful trip to Chicago we unloaded the display in the cavernous staging area of McCormick Place and were turned around and back on the road heading for Dayton within an hour or so.

It’s always great when the whole team is involved to complete a project and this display is a classic example of the Real Art can-do spirit. Beginning with the concept and design, through the process of sorting and creating the penny mural, obtaining materials, fabricating and building the display and shipping crate. Working out the video and technical aspects of the project, the logistics of paperwork, scheduling, photography, packing and transporting the display to the show and much more. Thanks to the whole team.

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos of the display here

And as if all that is not enough…just wait there’s more!

While sorting pennies we found the following oddities:
16 wheat pennies ranging in dates from 1941 through 1958.

One novelty stamped Apollo moon landing penny with a date of 7-20-69. We further went on to find that the practice of stamping things into pennies was pretty popular in the 60s and 70s. There was a scull and crossbones, Kennedy’s face, a USA map, an owl and a popular variation of a penny with Lincoln smoking.

Business-card that shoots pennies

Via: BoingBoing

Thingverse user Clide has invented a business-card that fires US pennies, handling them in lots of 10.

The thick components get sandwiched between the two thin layers. Start by gluing the two identical thick pieces to the thin side without the magazine. Use the other thick piece (the slide) as a guide and make sure it can slide easily between the parts and close flush. Then glue the side with the magazine on top. Take care not to glue the magazine down and make sure the slide can still move back and forth. The slide must be in place before you glue it together because it can not be installed after the rest of the card is assembled. Two #32 rubber bands are needed to use the card.

Penny Shooter by clide (via Make)