A Christmas Card Project

Every year for the holiday season the company I work at, Real Art does some cool holiday gift for our clients, friends and family. In year’s past we’ve done photo kits, water bottles, desk lamps, light bulbs and travel journals and of course our smash hit the AAF National Addy award winning A New Year A New You puppets.

But this year we took a step back. We tried to be mindful of our time and our financially responsibility while developing a present that allows us to focus on what’s really important—our relationships with those around us. So we took our mailing list of 400+ names and split them up among the employees at Real Art. From there each of us was tasked with creating 12 or so, personalized handmade Christmas or seasonal cards. Each card contained a hand-written note from one of us talking about our holiday plans, our families traditions or what we were thankful for this year.

In a time when everyone’s looking for the next big impact project it’s nice to get back to the basics a little bit with an old-fashioned crafty-type card. In the end we had a huge pile of custom handmade cards that our clients, friends and family all enjoyed receiving.

To check out the cards I made, visit my Flickr account here.


Connecting the Dots – 2009 Cincinnati Children’s Annual Report

Via: Tom Immen, By Way of: Real Art Blog

We were lucky enough to work with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital again this year on their annual report. In 2009, they launched the first of three institutes – a model that will bring doctors and researchers together in a new way that will keep docs current and researchers surrounded by real world case studies. We developed the theme “Connecting the Dots” as a way of explaining how Cincinnati Children’s is aligning research, education and patient care.

Major props are in order to Patrice for leading the design and art directing the photo shoots. Supporting credits are due to Mary for assisting in the layout, Jenn and Andrew for creative input, Crystal for the cover design, and Rob for managing a major print run that included a 24+ hour press check. Finally, thanks are due to Ryan Kurtz for the great photography, and RR Donnelley for the beautiful printing.

If you think the annual looks sharp online, you need to hold it in your hands to enjoy its unique size, gorgeous spot uv cover, and rounded corner goodness.

This annual was printed on RR Donnelley’s 16-unit KBA perfecting Rapida 105. For more info about the press or last year’s annual report visit the previous circa71 posting: G33K FIX