Super Bowl XLIII Ad Previews


Here’s a collection of the spots which are supposed to air during Super Bowl 43.
Enjoy and don’t forget to vote on your favorites at the end of this article!
Via: YesButNoButYes


SoBe: 3D

Doritos: Too Delicious (contest winner)

Doritos: New Flavor Pitch

Doritos: Power of the Crunch


Miller High Life: 1 second ads

CareerBuilder: Tips

Pedigree Dog Foods: Adopt a dog Shower

Heineken: Warrior


Pepsi Max:


A fallen star!



While it always pains me a bit to see the Eagles ever win—nothing makes me happier than to see a “fallen star” cry on the field. I don’t care if he does date Jessica Simpson someone should take away Tony Romo’s man card. Crying on the field nice!

While Dallas had a better chance at making the playoffs this year than my beloved Redskins—it gives me a warm, comfortable, happy feeling way down deep in my heart, that the Cowboys will yet again this year be sitting at home watching the playoffs rather than participating. The immortal words of one-time Colts coach Jim Mora come to mind “Playoffs?” Enjoy that one Cowboy’s fans it’s gonna be a long off season of “if’s and but’s” and false hopes for next season!