The Intriguing Story of the Andover Skull

The information is sketchy but the basis of the story is that at sometime during the 1950’s a newly married couple, Mr F and Mrs B Morris, moved to Andover, Massachusetts USA.

They were disappointed to discover the house they had purchased had not been fully emptied and that the attic remained stacked with books, broken furniture and other such possessions. A year or so after moving in Mrs Morris finally decided to empty the attic and, in the process, found a heavy wooden box which had been nailed shut. That evening her husband opened the box and together they discovered a large and disturbing skull.

It had unusually big eye sockets and several pieces of the bone cranium were broken.  There were strange carvings on the front left of the skull but the most interesting part of the discovery were its canine teeth which were strangely elongated. Overall the skull was larger than an average human’s and had a distinctive domed forehead. Mr Morris glued the skull fragments together and apparently kept it in his study where he would show it to curious friends and visitors. After some months Mrs Morris became distressed by its presence and insisted that it be reburied as she had convinced herself that it was demonic or at least the skull of a powerful Indian medicine man. Instead, Mr Morris allegedly took the skull to a nearby Museum of Archaeology which specialised in Native American history.

Via: TheOddmentEmporium

7 thoughts on “The Intriguing Story of the Andover Skull

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  3. Where can the skull be viewed currently ? What DNA were found,carbon dating ? I would seriously want only one opinion ,that of a spiritual medium (Reputable) .After holding that skull -Forehead, at the back of their skull.Domed forehead pressed firmly between the rear base of their skull and top neck vertebra.Share with us what were they were shown.

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