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Ro-Bros Goes Live

Our two prototypes are formidable machines, each with incredible force and precision. Plus, they’re 100% B.A. But only one of the Ro-Bros can reign supreme. To determine the winner, we need your help.

On February 1, 2012, Today we released our Ro-Bros to the public for their final test… the Ro-Bros will be controlled by YOU in a three-week battle at If our calculations are correct, it’ll be epic.

Follow the Ro-Bros on Facebook or Twitter for further notices and start training your fingers to hit those arrow keys because on 2.1.12, today, it’s time to put up your virtual dukes and throw down, Ro-Bros style.

Visit the site, log-in, customize your avatar, and start exploring the Ro-Bro Laboratories by checking out the prototypes, the technology, the fight stats and of course the restricted lab test videos. You can also enter the live stream on Level 8 to see what techniques other A & B-Bot pilots are performing.

The Orion Alignments of the Giza Pyramids

Scott Creighton may have discovered a new dimension to the alignment between the pyramids at Giza and the constellation Orion.

According to Creighton the so-called queens’ pyramids, two sets of three small pyramids each, next to the largest and smallest of the main Giza pyramids, are aligned with the three belt stars of Orion at two precise points in time exactly 12,960 years apart. The group to the south of Menkaure’s pyramid were aligned, he says, with the belt stars in 10,948 B.C. and the other queens’ pyramids to the east of the Great pyramid will be aligned with those same stars in 2012 A.D. Interestingly enough the alignment of the two sets of small pyramids, in relation to each other, is exactly perpendicular.

Researchers Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert caused quite a stir in the mid-nineties with their book, The Orion Mystery, which argued that Giza was an attempt to reflect on earth the image of the constellation Orion. If Creighton is right, the arrangement would also seem to point to times important to the builders of the Giza complex. By suggesting that the pyramids of Giza also act as a kind of clock, tracking the progress of Orion through the heavens toward the 2012 date, a year to which the Mayan calendar and other ancient indicators also point, Creighton is calling attention to another indication of the astonishing ancient advancement on display at Giza.

To see an animation of Creighton’s Greater Orion Correlation Theory go to:

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2012 Doomsday: The End of the World According to the Mayan Calendar

Via: Environmental Graffiti Written by Gregory Johansson

MZPhoto: theilr

Keeping track of the future isn’t something that everyone does. We all go about our lives and are lucky to keep track of what we need to do next week. There have been many predictions of the world ending, whether from psychics, doomsayers, the quatrains of Nostradamus or the Bible, and now we are being told that the world will end in 2012. And not just any day in 2012; they even have it down to the month and day. Dec 21, 2012. Mark your calendar.

Does this put people into a panic? No one may be panicking yet, but it could be in the back of many minds these days. Natural disasters seem to be happening all over the world at a faster rate than we are used too, and movies portraying such events only serve to remind us more.

mayan jadePhoto: John Hill

The Mayan Calendar comes from what is called the ‘Long Count Calendar’. There are definitely enough books about it as well as information being passed around the internet. The calendar starts over every 5000 years, and exactly this event is coming up in our time on December 21, 2012.

mayan ruinsPhoto: chensiyuan

So people believe the world will end or at least have this huge apocalypse on or around that date. Scientists get in on this act, saying that the sun will be closer to the earth and the gravitational pull could bring larger sun spots. Some say the world will tip over and the North Pole will be the South Pole. Thanks for keeping us calm, scientists.

mayan statuePhoto: Peter Andersen

Of course, one might question the predictive powers of a people who couldn’t see the fall of their own empire coming. the Aztecs, for comparison, predicted the return of the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl on a certain date, which Cortez showed up on, bringing the cataclysm the priest had predicted.

Interesting, but I’m not holding my breath.

IHC Lottery—Post 2012 Leader

To date The IHC Lottery has been by far the most popular posting on Circa71. Thanks to everyone who has expressed their comments and opinions—both are always welcome and appreciated. So I thought I would also post a copy of the recent letter I received from IHC Communications Director, Dr. Soren Ulfert which talks about the process of electing a new leader of the post 2012 world. Also if you’d care to follow the IHC on twitter you can do so @theIHC more info is also available at

IHC Letter 090909

IHC Lottery—A Chance For Life Beyond 2012


“They Wouldn’t. The IHC will.”

IHC Mission Statement: Our mission is to ensure the survival of the human race beyond 2012.

IHC History
In November of 1978, a small group of the world’s most powerful business leaders and former government officials convened a summit in Timaru, New Zealand to assess possible threats to humankind. Based on a mysterious 5th Mayan Codex found in Guatemala by IHC anthropologist, Dr. Joshua H Corrigan, PhD. Top scientists outlined their research indicating that in the year 2012, a series of factors would align, resulting in the destruction of the entire world.

Those at the summit agreed to invest significant resources in the formation of an international committee with two goals: to continually monitor the threat of 2012 and develop plans to guarentee the survival of the human race. This covert network became known as the Institute for Human Continuity (IHC).

For the nex 30 years, the IHC operated in secret, organizing research initiatives in hundreds of field locations around the world. In 2004 IHC scientists confirmed with 94% certainty that in 2012 cataclysmic forces will decimate the planet and much of it’s inhabitants. Yet the governments of the world refused to listen.

In 2008 the IHC agreed to go public, to educate the global citizenery of the threat and invest in emergency initiatives that would guarantee the continuation of the human race beyond 2012. Though many will not survive 2012, The IHC has always sought to ensure the end of the world is just the beginning for mankind.

The IHC Lottery
The Lottery is approaching maximum capacity levels across the globe. Register now for your opportunity to ensure your chance at survival. This program guarantees every citizen of this planet an equal chance at survival in 2012. For more information about the IHC, E.A.R.T.H., Operation Safe Haven, and other project initatives, as well as, the IHC Lottery visit: The Institute for Human Continuity.


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