Twin Serpents

“The Jormungand (Midgard) and Julunggul (Rainbow) serpents sit between two worlds; the old world that needed and revered them and the present which has shunned such monsters as fears metamorphosed into mythical form. Dark and with the power of fire, the serpent Jormungand winds it way through the landscape of Earth. Bright and with the light of the earth, the Julunggul serpent slithers to meet with her dark twin.

They both have a function within mythology. The earth was shaped by Julunggul, who later swallowed it and all it contains in a fit of anger; then regurgitated it to restore the earth as it is full of music, art and life. The serpents together bring forth all that is good in this world of music and art.” — jonsarriugarte

Via: UniqueDaily


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