A Fruit That Shouldn’t Exist

I’ve included this last little tid-bit in simply because I think it’s interesting and just because it may give you something to think about in your everyday life, something that really is most strange.

Most people are completely unaware of this fact but there is a fruit that is eaten by millions of people all around the world everyday that is quite remarkable and in all reality, simply shouldn’t exist. I’m talking of course, about the banana. Bananas are actually the most mysterious fruit in the world because bananas have no seeds and what makes this even more mysterious is the fact that they are found in almost every country in the world.

Now that may not sound so odd at first but let me fully explain this enigma to you: Firstly, banana plants are not trees; they are actually a perennial herb. The trunk of the plant is really nothing more than the plants outer leaves. The real stem of the plant doesn’t actually become visible until it pushes out through the top to produce the large purple flower that will eventually develop into the fruit. Then, having finished its perennial reproductive cycle, the plant dies. The problem here, is that in the reproductive cycle of the banana, seeds are completely absent from the mature fruit! A new ‘seedling’ (known as a ‘sucker’) can only ever be generated from a piece of the plants rootstock and yet bananas are found in almost most every place on earth, even on quite remote and isolated islands.

How in the world did they all get there?

The seeds certainly weren’t carried across the oceans by prevailing winds. To fully appreciate this anomaly first consider that the only other seedless plants that exist anywhere in the world are things like seedless grapes, naval oranges and the many genetically modified varieties of commercial vegetables that can now be purchased, the point is, any other seedless plants that exist, anywhere in the world, are all that way because they have genetically modified!

And yet here we have the humble banana, which is also the only food in existence that contains exactly the correct requirements of vitamins and minerals for mans metabolism completely. It is the only food that man can live on healthily, by itself, with complete nutrition, it is found all over the world and yet we have no knowledge of how it could possibly have come into being. It seems highly improbable that the worldwide distribution of a seedless fruit that is perfectly tailored for sustaining man would have just somehow ‘happened.’

It is extremely unlikely for such a plant to have ever been produced by nature all on its own and many people believe that somehow, somewhere, sometime, someone in our far distant past genetically engineered bananas into the widely dispersed and remarkably nutritious plant that we find everywhere in such abundance today.

These people cite that bananas are living daily proof of an ancient culture that spanned the entire globe in remote pre-history. Botanists also now tentatively agree that the spread of the banana plant appears to have radiated outward from the Pacific region.

The Banana plant incidentally, is not actually a fruit or a vegetable, but it does reach a height of around 30 feet at maturity which makes it the World’s largest herb and the tallest plant in existence that does not have a woody trunk.

Via: Old Maps, Expeditions and Explorations


4 thoughts on “A Fruit That Shouldn’t Exist

  1. Interesting article on bananas. I am puzzled. I bought green bananas 3 days ago. They turned yellow the next day. The 2nd day I noticed the skin on a couple of bananas broke open. This has never happened before. Today, the 3rd day, I noticed 3 more bananas broke open. It seems like it is growing too fast or ripening up non-stop. Is it possible that growth hormones were used and this is a reaction? With all the chemicals used in agricultural production one can’t help but wonder if it is safe to eat the produce.

  2. To answer you argument, bananas are both a fruit and … not. Wild bananas contain seeds, however all commercial bananas have 3 sets of genes instead of two making them incapable of producing seeds. So the bananas we eat today are not fruit but wild bananas are.
    And yes the bananas are genetically modified but not labeled as such.

  3. I live in Tropical Malaysia, where you can find wild banana in the jungle, wild banana do have seed and some of our local banana example pisang awak and pisang rastali (pisang is the Malaysian word for banana), monkeys eat them and help to spread this plant. I think thru selective planting, certain breed of seedless banana being prefer. There is one breed of banana in Malaysia, where people here use it leaf for food wrapping, if the leafs are being cut the banana will produce seed, but if the leaf are not disturb no seed will be produce

  4. before answer your question, I have some questions to make you think more…

    Unlike banana every living organisms exists in this world, ofcourse most of them reproduce, but before the reproduction how does a first specis exist?

    For example, mangoes have seed but which one first exist the mango tree or just the mango seed?

    Obviously the mango tree… isn’t it??
    I dont know you believe in god (be any) but everything exists have an origin which is by the supreme power. In tamil we say it “aadhi moolam” which means first of first and first most before thousands of years.

    The reproduction system varies between species, so unlike other plants and fruits banana’s does naturaly exists.However there are genetically cultured breeds too exists but can’t say how far they are good for us. People in the name of scientists do someting and create new species for business make the naturally available things to no more exist.

    Recently some group of stupids have breaded seedless mangos, I cant say how stupid they could be for getting upto 200g extra flush in a mango which is only for money making and nothing else. Let them go to hell.

    Live naturally, have balanced diet and be healthy!!!

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