Roswell’s Strange Rock

Two mysteries on the fringe of scientific respectability – the Roswell UFO incident and the ongoing appearance of crop circles – are being possibly linked in relation to an unusual rock found near the New Mexico crash site of the alleged alien spacecraft. The reddish rock is less than two inches across and weighs less than two ounces. It has unusual magnetic properties and a strange design on one side that’s been likened to the phases of the moon, a depiction of a supernova, and now to the design of a 1996 crop circle. According the Roswell Daily Herald, the rock “has startled researchers, scientists and all who have observed it.”

Roswell businessman Robert Ridge, 50, found the rock in 2004 while deer hunting about 17 miles from the purported 1947 UFO crash site. After showing it to friends and relatives, he stashed it in a safety deposit box for three years. Last year he turned it over to two UFO investigators who have been taking it to scientists, who they said remain baffled by how the image on the rock was produced, as well as its peculiar magnetic qualities. One of the investigators, Chuck Zukowski, said archaeologists have requested that the rock be submitted for further laboratory tests, which the investigators intend to do.

“What’s interesting about this artifact is the magnetic polarity,” Zukowski said. “The top side with the design will spin a compass needle, but it does not do that on the underneath side. The compass needle just moves back and forth and will not spin. So the design itself is creating a magnetic polarity.”

As images of the strange rock appeared in the media, one of England’s most prominent crop-circle researchers offered his observation. “I can confirm that the design on the stone allegedly discovered near Roswell is precisely the same as a design discovered in cereal crops I investigated during 1996 in southern England,” said researcher Colin Andrews. “The crop circle design was discovered on the morning of August 2, 1996, below an ancient site called Liddington Castle in the county of Wilshire, England.”

Via: Quantum Spirit


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