100,000 Hits Milestone

Readers, thank you for visiting and contributing to this blog! Today Circa71 has reached the 100,000 hits milestone. Given the stats on other blogs I realize this isn’t a huge number of visitors but I think it’s pretty significant for an independent blog.

Over the past two and a half years we’ve created a community that shares all kinds of information, from some of my personal experiences to popular culture, strange places and unexplainable events. As many of you have come to enjoy and follow the articles on Circa71. I also, enjoy discovering new and interesting information and the knowledge and ideas which comes with reading about the wide variety of topics covered here.

Going forward, I’m not entirely sure what Circa71 will evolve into but as for now there are no plans to change the format or style of postings. Those of you who follow regularly may have noticed that posts have been a bit lax over the past month. Please know that I’ve been in the midst of several life altering changes—all for the best, but this has slowed the rate at which I’ve been able to write, post and add new features to the blog. I hope to be back to form with the start of this new year.

So thanks to you reader for visiting, reading, sharing and commenting on the many postings of Circa71. I hope you all enjoy the very best of this upcoming holiday season.



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