Penthesilea, Amazon Queen

Amazons were a nation of all-female warriors featured throughout Greek mythology. However, they have a basis in true history. Arguments persist over whether they originated in Asia Minor, Libya, the Steppes or Ukraine.

Roman history records various accounts of Amazon raids in Asia Minor. According to myth and what history has been uncovered, no men were permitted to live in Amazon country, but Amazons would make an effort once or twice annually to mate with men from other areas or men who were taken as slaves.

If the result of that union was a baby girl, she would be raised to hunt and wage war. If the result was a baby boy, he would be given away or left to die in the wilderness. The weapons of the Amazon were bow, spear, and axe. They are almost always portrayed wearing only one earring.

Penthesilea, one of the most celebrated Amazon Queens, fought alongside the Trojans in the Trojan war. She prevailed in that one but eventually was slain by Achilles.


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