The Mystery of the Newport Tower

No one knows for sure when, why or even who built the 28-foot tower in the heart of Newport Rhode Island. But there are plenty of legends surrounding the structure.

Its eight pillars and fieldstone cylinder have been claimed to be the work of far-roaming Vikings, Chinese explorers, Portuguese noblemen, or Scottish Knights Templar. The Tower, long-veiled with Masonic roots has also been suggested to be part of a 17th-century windmill put up by Colonial Governor Benedict Arnold, great-grandfather of the infamous Revolutionary War traitor of the same name.

The Newport Tower has been the subject of discussion and controversy since the Colonists first arrived in the new world and discovered the structure. Early explorers noted that the tower existed during their initial explorations of North America. Documented research shows that the tower is believed to be made before the 16th Century AD. Recent finds have suggested that the Tower was constructed on a site that is part of a worldwide network documenting the land claims and travels of civilizations dating as far back as the 50th century BC.

The Newport Tower has been verified to have been constructed a minimum of 500 years. Some of the mathematics associated with the Tower have been found to point to three distinct places. Inspiration Peak, in Western Minnesota, an island named La Haute-Cote-Nord in the Saint Lawrence Seaway and Cat Island in the Bahamas.

Inspiration Peak was identified not only by the Newport Tower but also by the 5,100 year old monolith Stonehenge located in England. To date, the island named La Haute-Cote-Nord, located in the Saint Lawrence Seaway, seems to be the Northern vertex of the Newport Triangle.

Cat Island in the Bahamas is just a few miles from San Salvador Island where Columbus is supposed to have landed on his first voyage to the Americas. Despite being the first land Columbus came to San Salvador was barren and offered no protected harbor. Cat Island, on the other hand, has a protective harbor and has been identified in many glyphs around the world as the Southeastern cornerstone of a land claim that would later become the United States.

Newport Tower may have been built by early inhabitants of North America for two reasons. The first was to point the way to Inspiration Peak, a place of special spiritual and geographical importance. The second was to substantiate the builders land claim to North America, using the unique geographical location of Inspiration Peak.

The people responsible for building the Tower may have known of North America, as well as the rest of the world, for over 5,000 years. It seems that North America held some special significance. Geoglyphs found around the world show people were mapping what would later become the United States as far back as the building of the Mayan Pyramids. A glyph dating back 7,000 years located in Western Africa pointed the exact location where the Newport Tower would eventually be built 6,500 years later.

Via: The Newport Tower
Source: Secrets of the Ancient Celts by Arthur Faram (Yet to be published.)
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