The Mysterious Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Spread all over Diquis Delta, and on the Isla de Cano, the mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica have fascinated scientists ever since they were discovered, in 1930.

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Known as “Las Bolas”, by the locals, the spheres range from a few inches to meters, in diameter, and reach weights of up to 16 tons. Researchers believe they were sculpted before 200 BC and 1500 AD, but since the only way of establishing their age is stratigraphic, and most of the balls are no longer in their original locations, it’s difficult to say for sure.

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Uncovered by workers who clearing the jungle for a banana plantation, the stone spheres were brutally pushed out of the way, and damaged in the process. Fascinated by legends of treasures in the area, some of the workers drilled holes in the sculptures, or blew them to pieces, with dynamite.

There are many theories regarding the purpose of these seemingly perfect round spheres. Unfortunately, the pre-Columbian people who carved “Las Bolas” didn’t leave any any written records as to why they were made. Some people have said they form a map pointing to the location of Atlantis, while others claim they are the result of an ancient potion used to soften rock.

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The true purpose of the stone spheres of Costa Rica will probably never be uncovered, but that’s what makes them so damn fascinating.

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