Karanlık Kilise, The Dark Church

The "Dark Church" Exterior

Via: Curious Expeditions

The Dark Church (Karanlık Kilise) at the Göreme Open Air Museum, is carved straight out of the soft volcanic rock peaks that the Cappadocia region of Turkey is famous for. The Dark Church was named for the low amount of light that penetrates the interior, and thanks to this moody low lighting, has some of the best preserved frescoes in Cappadocia.

The Dark Church’s magnificent 11th century Byzantine frescoes have recently been restored, and dimly lit but brightly painted, this cave-like church is eerie and inspiring at the same time.

See more of photos from the Göreme Open Air Museum at Curious Expedition’s Flickr Set.

Crucifixtion Fresco

Fresco of Christ Pantocrator

Heavily Frescoed Domes ll
Heavily Frescoed Domes and Walls


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