Guernica – Picasso’s Masterpiece in Animated Form

This is a wonderful piece of work in itself but tells the story of Guernica – considered by many to be Picasso’s masterpiece. Guernica demonstrates graphically the tragedy of war and the suffering that it brings to ordinary individuals, particularly innocent civilians.

The work gained monumental status and is a perpetual reminder of the consequences of war, an anti-war symbol, and also an embodiment of peace. On its completion Guernica was displayed around the world in a brief tour and became famous and widely acclaimed. The tour helped bring the Spanish Civil War to the world’s attention as the incident at the village of Guernica was one of the most unwarranted episodes in Spanish history.

This fantastic video was made by Evgeny Popov and the sound production and the marvelous Spanish guitar is by Maxim Alechin. Popov is a graduate of the Saint Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences. He works as a multimedia director, editor and CG artist – as well as being handy with a camera too.


One thought on “Guernica – Picasso’s Masterpiece in Animated Form

  1. Next April 26 they are fulfilled 74 years of Gernika’s bombardment. Paul R. Picasso formed this bombardment in throughout the world known picture “Guernica”, which a today has turned into symbol of the Peace and of the Human rights.

    We ask for your adhesion to which we believe legitimate claim of moving definitively the picture, ” Guernica-Gernikara “.

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