The Woman With Willpower

An amazing case of mind over matter.

As a 14 year-old female, frontline fighter in the Russian Red Army, she had been wounded by a German shell fragment just as the Second World War was nearing it’s end, and recovery was proving to be a long ordeal.

“I was very angry and upset one day,” Ninel Kulagina later recalled. “I was walking toward a cupboard, when suddenly a jug moved to the edge of the shelf, fell, and smashed to bits.” Other, similar things happened—lights went on and off, doors opened and closed, and dishes moved on tables with no visible human intervention. At first Ninel thought of poltergeists—the mischievous spirits that plague human beings. But she sensed that the force moving the objects came from her.

She practiced concentrating and learned how to focus her power. One of the first scientists to take an interest in her was Edward Naumov. He scattered a box of matches on a bench, and she clasped her hands over them, shaking with the strain. Suddenly, all the matches moved in a body to the edge of the bench, then fell one by one to the floor.

Many more tests followed and more test films were made of Ninel in action. In probably the most notable test that was filmed, a raw egg was broken into a glass tank with solution. By intense concentration she separated the white from the yolk and moved the two apart—even though she was standing several feet from the tank at the time.

Instruments connected to Ninel, at the time of these experiments, showed that she was under considerable emotional and physical stress throughout the testing.

Dr. Genady Sergeyev who conducted the experiment, also measured the electromagnetic pressure around Ninel. At the moment that she began to separate the yolk and the egg whites, the testing device began to pulse at a rate of four cycles per second, which was considerably higher than it was when Ninel was not focusing her powers on the eggs.

Dr. Sergeyev, deducted that these vibrations acted like magnetic waves. “The moment these magnetic vibration waves, occur, they cause the object she focuses on, even if it’s something non-magnetic, to behave as if it was magnetized,” he stated publicly. “It causes the object to be attracted or repelled to her.”


3 thoughts on “The Woman With Willpower

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  2. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little study on that. And he actually decided to buy me lunch because I found it for him .So let me rephrase that: Kudos for lunch! Respectfully, Lorinda.

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