McNabb a Redskin

Donovan McNabb Washington Redskins Jersey

Hey Philly fans now you can boo Donovan McNabb all you want, presumably while he’s woopin ass on the gridiron in the nations capitol. Mr. Chunky Soup has the 3rd-highest winning percentage among active quarterbacks (behind Manning and Brady). At 34 years old McNabb is the same age as QB John Elway when he and Shanahan won two titles. It’s exciting to be a Redskins fan in the off-season and through free agency. Let’s hope that new additions Larry Johnson, “Fast” Willie Parker and Donovan McNabb can join forces with new coach Mike Shanahan to bring the glory back to the burgandy and gold.

I’m very surprised with The Eagles decision to part ways with McNabb especially within the NFC East. It could be a decision that turns around to bite them on the tail-feathers. Best of luck to previous Redskins QB, Jason Campbell, who is definitely a class act. Hopefully Campbell lands somewhere that will allow him to compete for the starters positions and maybe he can find some success from a change of location.


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