Photo Via: Circa71

How appropriate I was sitting down to add a new posting and I just happened noticed that this will be post #222. But of course that’s always the way it happens and my weird relationship / obsession with the number 222 continues.

I casually notice it on the clock, in the date, sitting in traffic staring at people’s license plates, on receipts, in telephone numbers, seat numbers, the address of the first house I bought was 222, as well as my first apartment—on and on and on. It’s possible to say I’ve just become more in-tune with subconsciously looking for the number but yet it seems to be everywhere without much need to look. Often I see it and feel the power of a good omen—while other times it has quite the opposite feeling associated with seeing it. I fear I’ve even transferred seeing this number to several of my friends who now seem to notice it as well.


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