2005 Honda TRX 400EX

Well I’ve always wanted a 4-wheeler or ATV. Lately I’ve been riding my son, Dallas’ 04′ Kawasaki 400EFX and have re-discovered just how much fun it is to go haul-assing around through the woods, fields and trails. About three weeks ago Dallas’ girlfriend Kate grabbed an 03′ Honda 400EX for herself—it was about this time that I started to seriously think I needed a new toy for me. Flash forward to Labor Day weekend Dallas and I found a couple we liked on-line so I called the one that most interested me and set up a time to make the trip North to DeGraff Ohio. Once we got there the four-wheeler was just as it was advertised very clean, in great shape and well maintained. After doing a quick once over to check for anything that didn’t seem right we agreed on a price, boom the deal was done and I agreed to come back and pick up on the following Wednesday.

Here are a few pictures of my new 2005 Honda TRX 400EX




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