The Worm Within

Picture 1Illustration Via: Chris Bishop

I ran across this story and accompanying illustrations a while back on the site Fray, which is described as a “quarterly of true stories and illustrations”.

Once I started reading—it was all downhill, or should I say down the drain. The story, written by Vincent Eaton and illustrted by Chris Bishop, drew me in like a sign reading ” FREE ICE COLD BEER” and held my attention like a car getting hit by a train. Pardon the pun but I was soon entrenched like the worm in this story and simply had to finish reading just to see what came out in the end. (Sorry again I couldn’t resist.)

I’m sure enjoy is not the right word to use regarding this story but maybe you can appreciate the writing, illustrations and my hope that I or anyone I know never have an experience like this.

“When I go to the bathroom, I usually expect it to be a non-event. After so many years, there are few surprises left for me sitting on a toilet. Yet that’s where I first discovered an uninvited entity that called me home.” Read the rest of the story here.


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