Dark Tower Project Next for LOST Men

Stephen King has always been my favorite author. Mainly because I attribute him to opening my eyes to the world of reading. Reading can be enjoyable, entertaining, educating—ok so you get the point, I’m out of adjectives that start with the letter e anyway. I picked up a copy of the The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger that my mom had laying around the house I was intrigued by the cover artwork.

As I opened the book and read the first line“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” I was immediately hooked and amazed at how fast I blazed through the story. I was finished in two days, a small book mind you, but up to this point I’d only read what was required in high school. But King’s style of writing was something new that I really enjoyed. Next I turned by attention to the Stand and was equally impressed. Thank you Mr. King for helping to open my mind to reading. It’s become a large part of who I am.

Over the years I’ve read King’s whole collection, in addition to many other works by many different authors. I have a collection of first edition Stephen King hardbacks that is only shy four of being complete. But the “The Dark Tower series”, all seven books continues to hold my attention. Several of the early books I’ve read too many times to count. I endured a delay of almost seven years between book three and book four, so I couldn’t be more happy about the possibility of the LOST guys taking on an immense challenge like the Dark Tower. I hope they do Stephen King proud.

J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof Will Work On Dark Tower After LOST Is Over
Via: LarryFire 05/01/09

Just as there are whispers in the jungles of “Lost,” there have likewise been whispers in Hollywood that J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof — two of the masterminds behind the ABC television series — have been working on an adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel series “The Dark Tower.” Now, those whispers are getting louder and clearer.


“Damon Lindelof and I talked to Mr. King,” Abrams told IGN while promoting the upcoming “Star Trek” film. “We got the rights for [‘Dark Tower’] as a film. Damon is obviously still on ‘Lost’ and we’ve been working on ‘Star Trek’ together. As soon as ‘Lost’ is done, hopefully we’ll begin tackling that.”

For his part, Lindelof has also been speaking about the Stephen King adaptation. As “Lost” wraps up its penultimate season and gets ready for the sixth and final year of the show, Lindelof told Lostpedia that his entire creative energy is currently focused solely on the series.

“We’re just so focused on finishing ‘Lost’ that it’s really hard to think about anything else,” he said. “The last thing we want to think about is how to adapt a seven book series of, you know, basically the writer who we admire the most and look up to most and has inspired our work the most, and do anything with that. I think that it’s such a daunting task. We have a pretty daunting task in front of us ourselves [with the end of ‘Lost’].”

Still, it’s not as if the “Lost” showrunner hasn’t spoken about “Dark Tower” in the past. He previously told AMC that he envisions the series on the same scope as Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

“There are always ‘Dark Tower’ conversations, but the figuring out of what this will look like as a movie has not begun,” said Lindelof. “If ‘The Dark Tower’ were in the right hands, I would love to see seven movies executed just right. But you have to get people to see the first one to get them to come and see the second one.”


2 thoughts on “Dark Tower Project Next for LOST Men

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  2. Great fan of the fantastic “Lost ” series !!!!

    Cant wait to see the last in the series as there’s a big debate and pool going on amongst my friends,work colleagues and family about where the plot is going??

    And im well ahead on plot point discussions ?? Way back from series 1 and 2 !!! Guessing – Spirituality “Good Vs Evil”,,time travelling “HG.WELLS”,,magnetic forces,,”BERMUDA TRIANGLE” OH YEAH AND THAT GREAT BLACK SMOKE SCREEN !!!! HEE, HEE, HEE i did not see that one coming !!! Without mentioning some of the facts on the characters,,i knew Jacob and Ben were important characters! But so IMPORTANT !!?? OR JUST IMPORTANT DECOYS LIKE LOCK !!!!! What about the man whom NEVER AGES !!! Hasn’t nobody figured him out yet ? Mr.???? SSSssshhhh hush hush,, all good things to those who wait !!! It’s really quite obvious people ?! But i wont SPOIL THE PLOT !!! To all you LOST fans out there ! GET READY TO PUSH THE BUTTON AGAIN !!! Otherwise where’s the link,,link,, link,, we are going back to that HATCH PEOPLE ? Is my guess !!! LOCK IS DEAD RIGHT ? YEAH ,,,DOING A MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MASQUERADE !!! Heee,,Heee,, hes gotta PUSH THE BUTTON REMEMBER !!!?? Besides the Islands ALIVE,, a living organism !!!! Lots of us out there been pushing that BUTTON all our lives !!!!

    GREAT STUFF ,,GREAT WORK GUYS !!! THUMBS UP TO “LOST”,,POSSIBLY THE GREATEST EVER SERIES !!!?? We will have to wait and see how it all end’s without it being too obvious??,,LEAVE OUT THE EGYPTIAN STATUES !!! Totally screwing with peoples heads !!! Ain’t the Ancient Egyptians suppose to be one of the oldest RACE,, that why they call ’em Ancients !!! Hey and one more thing ? No more SEQUELS,,GUYS !!! Every fan will agree to see, A GRAND FINALE OR THE SERIES WILL BE RUINED !

    LET THIS SERIES STAND SIDE BY SIDE WITH NEXT GENERATION AND X-FILES !!! Although the SUPERNATURAL series is darkly brilliant also !!!

    Cant wait to see what will become of the DARK TOWER FILM SERIES??? Yeah absolutely right,, gotta get it right with THE GUNSLINGER to draw the crowds and your audience in first time,, or what PRODUCER in their right minds will want to make another part !!! A few tips to help ya creative guys,, not dat ya need any help!!!! Lots of the main elements have been soaked up already with your “LOST” series, but a New title change for THE GUNSLINGER will help you lots and attract a fresh new audience!!! No PG rating ! Gotta think outside the BOX WITH DARK TOWER SERIES TO DO IT JUSTICE !!!! Ive read the series several times,,this work is effective on many different levels and states of mind. Its a serious Fantasy as Mr.King intended,, not a kids novel ? As a great admirer and constant reader of all of Mr.King’s collection, most of his stories in the books he writes are ! No other book adaption has ever been so eagerly awaited…?????
    As i love the language of screenwriting,, comic books and storyboarding,, its great to see an artistic back story of the DARK TOWER ALREADY RELEASED. And as an avid re-reader of Mr King’s greatest novels. Please,please,please do the series justice !!! And dont let those avid readers and fans of Mr.King down by making them wait too long and destroying the movie and classical plot after completing one part…!!! If it begins….it must have an end regardless of its failures and FAIL IT MUST NOT AT ALL COSTS !!! THE DARK TOWER IS NOT “LOST” ,,BUT NOW “FOUND” AND WITHIN TOUCHING DISTANCE !!! Its already been ages in the making! That ROSE is so sacred and special !!!! Classical Poems have already been written about it and continue to be written about it…..

    Oh Roland ,, Oh Roland where are thee and thou Kat -et ?????

    From Your No.1 Dark Tower fan 🙂

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