Dayton skyline photos


Some great photos of the Gem city from a local contest.

slideshow_1105894_ddn052909lifelights07John Rigano

slideshow_1106241_ddn052909lifelights08John Green

slideshow_1106261_ddn052909lifelights02Bruce Soifer

slideshow_1106262_ddn052909lifelights10Teresa Jack

slideshow_1106264_ddn052909lifelights09Marj Shockley

slideshow_1106269_ddn052909lifelights03Kevin Marano

Other submissions

slideshow_1060276_IMG_8648_6x4Marj Shockley

slideshow_1064184_fountainssmRobert Makley

slideshow_1065892_Light_Up_Dayton-090501-069Richard Diehl

slideshow_1069286_DSC_1587C. J. Bartley

slideshow_1079480_IMG_9475_1Jeff Witwer


2 thoughts on “Dayton skyline photos

  1. this photo contest was a great idea! i’ve seen a lot of really nice shots that make the city look fantastic.

  2. Hi, I really like the photo from John Rigano and would like to get in touch with him so I can purchase it. Do you know how I might be able to reach him. Thanks for any help.

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