April AUG: Print Production


Your work starts its life on the computer screen, hopeful that someday it might become a thing. Some time later it is a very real thing with three dimensions, that reflects color, that you can see, touch, and even smell. And nestled somewhere between the imagined and the real is the magic of print production.

Join the DCS Adobe User Group at our April meeting, where we’ll be discussing prepress and print production techniques. Rob Anspach, Production Manager at Real Art Design Group, will present some of his tried and true methods for getting it done… on time, up to snuff, and maybe even under budget!

We’ll also be making some special announcements and giving away door prizes, so you won’t want to miss it. Feel free to bring examples of your own prepress prowess, questions for Rob. Hope to see you at SAA!

You can download the electronic file release checklist. This document is intended to serve as a general list of things to review and verify prior to releasing electronic files to vendors for outside services. For the best results you should always consult your vendor and adjust this checklist to their specific needs.

Follow up info here


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