ABC Show Life on Mars Cancelled

ABC Cancels Life on Mars

I don’t know who decides what shows on television live or die but it sure seems that they are a bunch of idiots. ABC’s Wednesday lineup of LOST and Life on Mars is the best 2hrs of television all week. In an age where it’s all about the ratings rather than content ABC has decided to kill off a well written, creative show rather than explore opportunities such as moving it to another time slot. Meanwhile we have literally unlimited choices for stupid, non-creative, non-thinking TV programs such as the Biggest Loser, American Idol, The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. In my opinion the viewers and fans of Life on Mars and other great shows that have been systematically cut short, are now the biggest losers. Go ahead TV execs read spreadsheets and your numbers and program with your little cookie cutter shapes to make sure everything fits into nice neat little packages so you can get that extra .5% on your Neilson ratings.

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I’m bummed because I really enjoyed this show. ABC has decided to end “Life on Mars” after a single year — but in an unusual move, the network will keep the show on the air through the end of its full run, reports Variety.

That will give the series a rare opportunity to sign off with a proper finale, wrapping up the series’ core mystery.

Network insiders said they were fans of the show and pleased with its creative chops — but that the ratings ultimately didn’t warrant a second season. Five more episodes of “Life on Mars” remain out of the series’ 17-episode order. As previously announced, the show’s Wednesday 10 p.m. slot will go to newcomer “The Unusuals” in April.

“Life on Mars” stars Jason O’Mara, Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli and Jonathan Murphy.


One thought on “ABC Show Life on Mars Cancelled

  1. I liked the show too, and Love the soundtrack, but I’m glad it’s ending – how long can that guy be stuck in 1970?

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