Tiki Part1

So I’m having lunch with my buddy Tom Davis the other day and we’re talking and I say “yea I’d really like to have a tiki tattoo on my left forearm at some point.” Come back from lunch, finish out the day and cruise through the evening, I awake the next morning to a text from Tom that says “so I awoke from my migraine coma and got energetic—the tiki is badass! If you dig it we can do it tonight.” Wow what a marvelous way to start the day—although it did seem to make yesterday take forever. I’ve been in a serious rut lately and definitely need something to help break me out. Sounds like Dr. Tom has prescribed new ink as the cure!

So—just as Tom said his sketch of the tiki is badass and we went ahead, despite several power flickers, and got the tattoo started. Last night we did all the line and shading work. We’ll let this heal out for a while and then come back in and add the colors soon. Check out the Flickr slideshow below or click on the photo to see my new tiki! Evil spirits be banished I now have my own personal tiki looking out for me!

As always much love to my buddy Tom and his wonderful drawing and tattooing skills! Stay tuned for part 2



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