If you’re not familiar with the GroBot Project or didn’t see the previous posting here on Circa71 or the Real Art Blog I recommend checking them out. If you were on the Real Art mailing list you should have received a poster, on that poster was a hand written code that is good for $50.00 worth of credit towards the purchase of your desired GroBot. Fear not, if you did not receive a poster you can still bid to win a GroBot. Simply go to the site mentioned above and create an account to start bidding. It’s just that easy!

Now is a good time to use your credit as along-side the other wonderful GroBot specimins is a creation of my own imagination and craftsmanship. While I’ll certainly be a bit sad to see her go AI-NGEL will continue to provide light, growth and joy to the lucky bidder who takes her home! Submit your bid for AI-NGEL here.


AI-NGEL takes Artificial Intelligence to the next level.  Made out of a functional three-way lamp, a double wine carafe and other lady-like scraps, this girly GroBot is nothing short of electrifying.

48″ x 30″ x 18″  (H x W x D)

Plant Specimen

Pothos  (Epipremnum aureum) One of the most popular houseplants because it’s so easy to grow, the Pothos is sometimes referred to as Devil’s Ivy. Needing only a low level of light, it flourishes in almost any indoor environment. And with regular watering, you’ll see it growing in just a few days.

Auction Ends
March 06, 2009, @ 12 pm EST. Enter your bid to win AI-NGEL or any of the other Grobots today!


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