IHC Lottery—A Chance For Life Beyond 2012


“They Wouldn’t. The IHC will.”

IHC Mission Statement: Our mission is to ensure the survival of the human race beyond 2012.

IHC History
In November of 1978, a small group of the world’s most powerful business leaders and former government officials convened a summit in Timaru, New Zealand to assess possible threats to humankind. Based on a mysterious 5th Mayan Codex found in Guatemala by IHC anthropologist, Dr. Joshua H Corrigan, PhD. Top scientists outlined their research indicating that in the year 2012, a series of factors would align, resulting in the destruction of the entire world.

Those at the summit agreed to invest significant resources in the formation of an international committee with two goals: to continually monitor the threat of 2012 and develop plans to guarentee the survival of the human race. This covert network became known as the Institute for Human Continuity (IHC).

For the nex 30 years, the IHC operated in secret, organizing research initiatives in hundreds of field locations around the world. In 2004 IHC scientists confirmed with 94% certainty that in 2012 cataclysmic forces will decimate the planet and much of it’s inhabitants. Yet the governments of the world refused to listen.

In 2008 the IHC agreed to go public, to educate the global citizenery of the threat and invest in emergency initiatives that would guarantee the continuation of the human race beyond 2012. Though many will not survive 2012, The IHC has always sought to ensure the end of the world is just the beginning for mankind.

The IHC Lottery
The Lottery is approaching maximum capacity levels across the globe. Register now for your opportunity to ensure your chance at survival. This program guarantees every citizen of this planet an equal chance at survival in 2012. For more information about the IHC, E.A.R.T.H., Operation Safe Haven, and other project initatives, as well as, the IHC Lottery visit: The Institute for Human Continuity.


More info here Via: 2012 Comet

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65 thoughts on “IHC Lottery—A Chance For Life Beyond 2012

  1. screw the government and there continuous lies,,,,,, im not falling for this one,,,,,,, keep tour bullshit lottery in the ghetto with the niggers

    • i bet ur right cuz i dont no when it was but they sed it like 10 or 20 years ago the world was going to end and all that mumbo jumbo crap and yet it hasnt so what makes us think its going 2 end now

      • you must b a stupid naggar welll let me tell u its people like u who get people killed talking that way u think that hurt people guess again im a white man married to a black woman she calls me a niggar when shes mad so they their own people that u cracker

    • Your religion is biggest hoax of them all. You’ll see the last seconds before you die in 2012, probably from all the hot, glass-like ashes that you will be breathing in. Then you’ll ask yourself, where is my Jesus Christ now?

    • hahahaha Jesus Christ??? Religion is a cult u moran. Look up the cause for all of the wars…..its because of Religion. It should be illegal

  2. heh atleast all differences will be settled when 2012 hits or not Meh Heh heh we dont deserve to live cuz of hatetred of color land oneanother’s things ect c u all on the otherside of nothingness

  3. Fingertip, you’re dumb. That’s not Woody Allen, it’s Woody Harrelson. I believe there’s something to this, regardless of whether or not I am selected. I feel it’s worth a shot. Life is good, death from radiation, bad. Pick me! Pick me!


  5. It’s a definite possibility… do your research people! This is nothing like “y2k”… we’re talking galactic forces here. Google “pole shift 2012” and “planet x 2012” and “black hole 2012”

    This is some scary shit here people. I’m not sure I even WANT to survive it.

  6. cool the worlds coming to an end,big deal its been coming to an end for how many years now ? if it does then i won’t have to hear no more about the world coming to an end LIVE YOUR DAMN LIVES

  7. well if he end of the world is gonna be in 2012 should Jesus have already came back and took his children home.

    why would anyone with a little bit of sense think the world is gonna end on that day when they couldnt predict the end of thier own civilization

  8. I think thie all a bunch of BULLSHIT. There is only one person in this world that can predict the future and that ain’t Dr who ever…. The man upstairs is the only person that can predict your life or anyone elses. So take that and do what ever the hell you think…. Beacuase we are all gonna die when it is are time and only then………..

  9. Why would the Mayans make a calendar that went back in time 26,000 years and only go forward a couple of thousand? If we were to come to an end what sort of message would we leave to the next civilization?
    How about a calendar that stated, we know the cycles of the sun and the catastrophes that will come, so be good to one another so you can develop a plan to survive together or divided you will fall. Perfectly simple. Sounds like it wasn’t the first time round for them Mayans!

  10. By the way. The Mayans did predict there demise. “White skinned gods will come from the sea” – Mayan Prophicies. As the Spanish did.

    • Well if you wanted to survive a world wide catastrophe, space would not be a survivable option unless everything was going to return to normal within a year or so. We do not have the abality to hibernate let alone in a frozen stasis. We can act on our survival instincts but they have mostly been lost to commercialism and immediate satisfaction. We have to take our best efforts and put them to good use.

      To put blind faith into someone else’s hands means you have no other course of action. Can that be if one so strongly beleives in something to be absolute. It can make it easier than knowing you may be wrong.

      If the big guy is going to save my ass I’m not going to wait around to find out the person who told me he will come is wrong. I know we all have the skills that have got us all this far. We are able to beleive what we want but to beleive in something that is right is different than beleiving in something that maybe right. Like the difference between mom’s apple pie and blackjack. I beleive her apple pie is one of the best and I beleive I can play blackjack pretty good, my bank account says different.

      Is the world going to blow up? Eventually. How does one get into the lottery? You’re in one or the other, like it or not.

  11. When the alignment happens in 2012 the world won’t explode. The world will go into a polar shift, meaning that the continents will shift, causing massive earthquakes, volcano eruptions and mega title waves.
    So if by chance a bunker is in the right location that will not be effected by these events it is possible for those inside to survive.
    If anyone looks into this prediction they will find that it’s not an end of the world prediction but a new beginning for those that do survive it.

    I personally would not want to be in the lottery and will be taking my chances with everyone else. The best thing we can all do is live our life’s the best we can, do the things you’ve always wanted to do and enjoy every moment you can until that time.

  12. ILMAO!








  14. Movie Money!I know how Real this Is. Polar Caps are just about Gone. Look to the sky and you will see the Amber Light (Moveing Over Head) Old/New Testament Bronze Colored Sphere .The Moon will be Red .Every Earthquake
    Is from the Moons Pull Over the Area Just Look at earthquake.usgs.gov Its Every Day All Over the Earth.3.9 Central California Yesterday 6.1 South of Java, Indonesia 10 hours ago 6.2 Georgia (Sak’art’velo) 3 hours ago We have been looseing over two feet per year of coast line. After the Polar Shift Afghanistan and the Middle East Giza Egypt Will be One of the Safe Areas.Why do you think there Is War?

  15. I firmly believe its gonna happen, that’s why I’m letting my debt pile up with no plan to pay back…2 years from now, the world won’t give a shit about my piddlin ass little debt. By the way…I do NOT want to survive, nor do I want anything to do with any bullshit lottery. Anybody remember the tv series V? I rest my case…

  16. The storms may be the least of our worries. One good blast from a solar flare and the atmosphere will blow away like a birthday candle on the cake of life. No more storms.

    How about earth quakes so bad that we get new mountain ranges over night. The Himalayas collapse from all the weight that has built up and then set in motion by the earth quakes. All due to the polar shift that happens when the core flips. Well documented, check out.

    If I were IHC where would I want to build a structure that would last? How about the most stable place on the planet, a craton, one of the oldest rock formations and a very stable part of the earths crust. Slave craton could be the next California. Don’t they have missile silos there?

    As far as the lottery, I don’t know which lottery to go with. Isn’t it all a crap shoot, get a ticket or believe you got one? Hard choice when it comes to crunch time. I’m sticking with my family as all the others before me. That’s the way to get through it, it worked so far. Someone or something is going to survive and personally, I don’t think anyone is going to get any special treatment. Who knows? No one, but we’re going to find out.

  17. Maybe those r the people that the government is going to kill in 2012. (population control). Maybe people should stop having babies if you not able. You can’t have a baby for a reason. There is a lot of babies out there that need to be adopted. Maybe they should birth control in the water of China. Being realistic……

    • There is already enough chemicals in the water to produce an effect on the population and the critters, it’s called mutations. Depending on which end of the time line you are standing it’s either crippling or an advantage.

      Putting enough birth control in the water to control a populase could envoke a domino affect on everything else. It could be that everything turns sterile or it is the key to alter another species so it has an evolutionary advantage.

      Let’s face it everything we do is for an evolutionary advantage or disadvantage. For someone who wants to live and party like there’s no tomorrow, that is an evolutionary disadvantage to the continuation of their genetic make up. If a small mammal learns it can survive by eating toxic pond scum, which turns out to be from an algea growth set out of control by a manufactured hormone, would be an advantage to its evolution. That maybe all it has to eat for the next couple of thousand years.

      How about we educate people with the forethought of planning for the next thousand years, not for just the presidential term in office. If we plan on being around we have to consider everything we do to be either for or against our evolution. If not, “Where’s the party.” Propagation can be fun until all life in the terrmite mound colapses.

  18. I love how everyone has something to say… but no one has any evidence. How typical of the internet.

    Get an education and crunch your own numbers.

    Don’t believe everything that you read. You’ve got a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve.

    • Seriously that is all you have to add, Srsly?


      Global Warming – Climb a glacier and look around. I’ve seen trees thousands of years old. No taller than me. Gravel berms, know as Moraines lie at the outer edge of the glacier, usually wear it makes a turn. If you look beyond that moraine you’ll see another and another. Evidence the glaciers have receded in the past and came back down many, many times.
      When we refer to the ice age, it’s typically the last one or the one to come. Do you think the last one was the first?

      Polar Shift – Magnetically polarized rock crystals found in multi-layered lava flows that show differences in polarities between layers. Clearly indicating the earth’s magnetic polarity changed between the times the lava flows took place. The crystals were polarised in one direction for a specific layer and then differently for the next. Usually around every 300 K. It has been over 700K since the last.

      Sun Spots – Have you seen one, lately?

      Cataclysmic Destruction – Check out the thin layer of iridium and the layer of diamonds theory. Hudson Bay is an odd shaped hole wouldn’t you say.

      When – Grab a time line from anywhere. This stuff is cyclical. Wait and there’s more.


      Get one. Do your own homework. You may be emblematic of the verbalisation on the internet. Sounds like you got towed and have a bug up your ass.

      Stick with the original question and try to provide some kind of useful feedback.

        • Though finalisation of a civilisation will cause a large amount of consternation, there is no reason for antagonisation unless you mean to intimidate.

          I also used wear instead of where, did you catch that? You must be American or would that be British?

  19. This is a good stand, but if the world ends, as will as life on Earth there is nothing anyone can do- if that is true. We are only to blame for our own mess, we can’t change it , it’s too late- Our greed and hate got the best of us. On the year 2012 we may all die and the only hope is seeking a new world, in less then one and half years on a different system- it can’t be done. If there is hope at what price would it be sold? ( Fact- sometime during 2012 expected Solar Storms, like in 1958.)

  20. I simply believe that regardless of 2012, or any other possible disaster, we must move into space. If 2012 dose happen, it is to late(maybe), but if not, something big enough will happen to the human race. Telling us this planet is not safe and we must move forward. Nothing else can direct our ignorance other than a natural disaster.

  21. Bad News

    The IHC site is reportedly owned by Pepsi which happens to be a major contributor to the funding of the movie 2012.

    I just seen the movie and who was at Yellowstone, Woody Harrelson. Hummm. Looks like we all have fallen for a bit of advertising. I wondered about that picture at the beginning of all this……

  22. Okay how can I take the word of a culture that could predict the end of the world but couldnt predict their own demise? Get serious people…the Mayans predicted a world changing event,it doesn’t necessarily mean the world will end.

    • They did predict their own demise, a very well known fact, in fact. Try Mayan Prophecies, for a simple easy to read source of Mayan studies.

    • And you are correct, they are predicting a world changing event or beginning of a new world or age. Kind of like New Years, just closely tied to the galactic alignment. Do you like gamma rays?

      • there is a big green guy that likes gamma rays(you wont like me when I’m angry) lol a bit of humor every body is to angry calm down and think. our world needs a drastic change if not now when if not today then tomorrow. I happen to have done my home work and the top three theories hold no clout but we are not talking about what earth science know but science we dont know ….YET the laws of physics on earth are different then those in other regions of the cosmos. ICE 14 is a planet that at 400 degrees Fahrenheit is solid as steel on this mud ball. So we dont know every thing out there.

  23. I guess I have to say I would rather be safe then sorry. I find it quite fascinating that there are to many coincidences that will happen in 2012 that something is bound to happen. I will be on the safe side I side with IHC.

    • But does the IHC side with you think about breeding just for a minute. If its real they will leave out the fat the abnormalities. One would not save humanity just to have it fall to bad breeding. If its real it will be very selective. If they are truly looking to continue the human race as the alpha predator on earth.

  24. I find this 2012 hysteria too funny. For starts, this whole 2012 spook factory is just a re-package of Y2K. There’s money to be made for those who know how to play on the stupid fears of the public. Those who fall for 2012 are easy to spot: they have never taken a science course in school, nor in their lives. In fact, they are arrogant and proud about their ignorance of science. Another notion or book the public took to heart was call The Bell Curve. That book made it into the bestseller charts. Why? That’s because these people feared and believed black people are inferior and dangerous. This book made them feel superior. Those who believe in 2012 believe, subconsciously, that the world has to end. Reason? I really don’t know; I’m not nuts nor I have a death wish for my neighbor. The movie 2012 is a satire and a roller coaster of a film. I went to see twice in the theater, paid good money for it. I enjoyed it, it was a fun movie; I now own the DVD. But the movie had a serious side to it. Not about the end of the world, but the human aspect of facing its known imminent end. I found this to be the true purpose of the movie, not how or why the world was going to end. That part is pure bunk. So, enclosing, the world will not end by 2012, and the clowns who pushing for it, making money on it, will have a ready made excuse for it by then—and they’ll still going make a killing. You just watch.

  25. Hahahaha I fink I nearlt wet miself with lafter stupid cunts do u no wat I’d call the ihc or watever .., fukin weirdos

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  28. Well I do and don’t believe these accutations becuz. The mayan calender is never wrong but pleanty of these accutations for instance 1999 2000. 2006 and now 2012 I mean I want to survive and ya I’m scared and I don’t know what’s gonna happen

  29. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?
    My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would
    really benefit from a lot of the information you present here.
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