Mysterious colored light columns appear. Scientists baffled.

Via: UK Mail Online

These stunning images show mysterious columns of light streaming into the sky above the town of Sigulda in Latvia at the end of last month. Taken by Aigar Truhins with a standard digital camera, the photographs have prompted excited online discussions among amateur astronomers. ‘

Experts agree there may be a more common explanation – ice crystals in the air. The air above the town was notably cold and filled with suspended ice crystals. It is believed that the columns were formed by those reflecting light from the bright streetlamps and other lights on the ground – beaming it back downwards again. Skies all over Europe have been filled with such natural phenomena during the cold snap of recent weeks.

The lights were said to be a reflection caused by the light from streetlamps on the ground hitting ice crystals suspended in the cold air Scientists at the website said: ‘Truhin’s pillars are not the ordinary kind. Even leading experts in atmospheric optics can’t quite figure them out ‘These pillars are mysterious. They have unexplained curved tops and even curved arcs coming from their base. ‘Arcs in rare displays like these could be from column crystals to give parts of tangent arcs, others could be the enigmatic Moilanan arc or even the recently discovered reflected Parry arc. We do not know – so take more photos on cold nights!’

Mysterious columns of light stream into the air above the town of Sigulda

The mysterious lights prompted excited discussion on the internet

But finally the experts agreed on one explanation...
Mysterious columns of light stream into the air above the town of Sigulda, Latvia


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