How to remove your pool cover

Wow my friend Tony and I saw this on tv one time and we laughed so hard. Seemed only right to add it to the blog so more can share the joy of watching this classic “don’t be that guy” video.

This guy, Ralph Erwin Zavadil from St. Catharines Ontario Canada, AKA Cap’n Video, shows his techniques for removing his pool cover. Cap’n Video films himself as he climbs an aluminum extension ladder, that he’s propped, fully extended, straight up, between the privacy fence and what appears to be the roll for the pool cover. He then proceeds to try to launch himself into the pool. However, he only succeeds in only knocking himself out and ends up tangled in the cover in the pool. Thank goodness his neighbor saw it go bad and probably saved him from drowning. Of course with this guy next door the neighbors are most likely fairly used to his antics and are well known to the local 911 operators’. Enjoy the video—I always do.

More Cap’n Video fun here: Via: YouTube users video Superxain & greg1701
Cap’n eats Vasoline, Cap’n eating cat food, Cap’n Video and helium head, Cap’n burns the lawn, Craziest of the Cap’n, Brown bananas & of course the Cap’n farewell to everyone
Don’t know that his phone # is still good but he gives it in his video 1-800-706-9867


4 thoughts on “How to remove your pool cover

      • You’re welcome.
        I figure that anyone who remembers watching that video would probably find the documentary interesting to watch and see what Ralph is up to these days.

        I’m glad you found it interesting enough to post the trailer.


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