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I had a chance to get the print geek in me out a bit yesterday and this morning. I was on press at the RR Donnelley, Nielsen Plant for a cool 72 page AR press run. While it was a 20hr set of checks—the people at RRD and their equipment are tops. The press we printed on was a marval of modern technology clashed with the basics of the first presses used by Johannes Gutenberg Though he’d not recognize this behemoth piece of machinery.

This monster can print a sheet any combination of 12 colors or coatings, on both sides of the sheet on the same pass through the press and hit it with 2 sets of UV curing lights and a inline dryer at the business end of the press—where it spits out a perfectly dry printed sheets with no VOCs (Volitile Organic Compounds—that just sounds cool) to a viewing area with state-of-the-art color system controls, densitomiters, on-board cameras, and color viewing stations. And if all that isn’t enough oh yea it will clean up after itself, unload the current plate from the previous form and reload each unit with the next plate for the upcoming form. Which leaves the two (2) press operators plenty of time to focus on the color, the quality and what comes out of the press. Really very cool!

KBA reports that the Nielsen Co., Florence, KY (near Cincinnati), an RR Donnelley subsidiary, has taken delivery of the world’s first 16-unit Rapida 105: 12 printing units, a coater and two dryers—a total of nine units—before the automatically convertible perfecting unit, with a further 12 printing units, a coater and double extended delivery system. Its total length is around 138 ft. including the console.


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