Stephen King goodness


“The Cannibals” or “Under the Dome”
In 1983, Stephen King began a book first titled “The Cannibals” which was also known as “Under the Dome”. This book remained unpublished and unfinished. According to King, the book has come back to life. He read an excerpt from what promises to be a very long novel entitled “Under the Dome”. No publishing date was discussed. It looks like Stephen King is digging into his trunk of long abandoned novels and updating them like he did with Blaze. The short passage that King read dealt with the unexpected death of a small plane pilot and student.
Via: The Fire Wire

The Office at will be a revolutionary interactive virtual world based on the office of Stephen King. This bold new experience will offer users a chance to step inside the very eclectic space of Mr. King and explore the many artifacts, memorabilia, and items housed within his office. Look for The Office to open its doors on Thanksgiving morning (11-27-08). by way of The Fire Wire


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