Real Art Goes to The Derby—Part I

Ok so you know how when your sitting around with your friends and an idea comes up. It sounds like such a great idea at the time. Somebody in the group says, “oh can definitely do that it will be easy”. And a stupid idea is born. Well this is a story of just such an idea.

A while back our friend Andy Nick bought himself a new ride. Very snazzy! Andy’s new pimp mobile made his 93 Nissan Altima expendable. And what better way to expend a car than to trick it out for a demo derby. Enter Chris Wire. “I can weld” and something like, we can take it to my shop and gut it for the demo derby and have all of Real Art on hand to witness the destruction.”

So now sponsorship and “know-how” is on board, sounds good who can we find stupid enough to drive. As I hear myself saying “Hell yea I wanna drive—I’ve always wanted to crash into someone!”

Now here we are, Andy’s one-time pride and joy has been stripped and gutted and turned into something mean and nasty that resembles a cross between a prop from a Mad Max movie and a stock car. The event is coming up quick. August 31st, 2008 (Labor Day Weekend Sunday) at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds. All spectators are encouraged to join the Real Art Crew to watch me smash the hell out of some sorry fools with a party following afterwards that I hope I will be attending. Even though we still have quite a bit to do here are some shots of the progress we’ve been making on the car. Stay tuned more info and updates will follow soon!

This is what we did with the airbags


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