Update to DCS August Happy Hour

Just a follow up to the earlier post about the DCS happy hour at Adobe Gila’s at the Green this past Monday.

For our fifth DCS social event, AG’s proved to be an excellent venue, lots of open area, a nice indoor / outdoor mix that seemed very popular. I think we had an all-time high attendance somewhere in the mid 40’s. Best of all lot’s of new faces to go along with the many we’ve become accustomed to seeing at our socials. A nice mix of creatives, vendors and members and non-members alike—the crowd also seemed to stay around a bit longer than previous events.

Many of the new attendees were interested and excited to learn more about both the DCS and opportunities to lend the group a hand. We were also thrilled to have two shirts donated by FourAmbition as door prizes for two lucky winners! Many thanks to FourAmbition. Check out their site and the services they offer as well as photos of the winners and proof of others who were on hand.

Many thanks to everone who attended this event and especially to all of our DCS board members who were on hand and all of the efforts they put forth.


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