First buckeyes a good omen

Doesn’t seem like much I’m sure. But after long 6 years my buckeye tree is finally sporting some buckeyes. I think it’s a good omen for the coming 2008 OSU Buckeyes season!

Planted in 2002, by me and my kids, Bailey & Dallas to commemorate the 2002 National  Championship Ohio State Buckeyes season, this scrappy little dude just keeps shrugging the punches that have come it’s way. A lot like that 2002 Buckeye team who just wouldn’t be denied, this Aesculus glabra has endured being frozen out, run over and burned to a crisp. The fact that it’s managed it’s meager 4′ current height is a testament to nature and this little buckeyes will to survive. I really hope this season has been a turning point in the life of my runty buckeye tree. The two buckeyes have also been accompanied by quite a bit of branch and leaf growth. Which is good news as the area where this tree is located is in a prime spot in front of my house and is in sore need of some shade and a bigger tree to help block the view.

While I won’t be making buckeye necklaces anytime soon—I am thrilled to finally see it produce some buckeyes. On a side note, a friend of mine planted the other starter buckeye tree that we got at the same time and his is roughly 8-10 feet tall and has bushed out to be pretty pretty pretty thick.

Go Buckeyes!


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