Mess with the bull you get the horns

Another piece in progress by Tom Davis worked on at Wells & Co. Tattoo in Vandalia.

This one a bull dedicated to by son Dallas. The piece will have a bottom border of 5 red roses added on the next setting as well as Dallas’ initials DH to look like a cattle brand where the rope breaks. The bull will be a heavy black with ochre highlights on the horns.

Tom really did a wonderful job of capturing that crazy look in the eye of the bull and that traditional styling I was looking for when he drew this piece out. His line work and skills are rapidly progressing. I’m super excited to see this bull finished out. It can’t happen soon enough. This tattoo works for me on a couple levels. #1—Dallas took up bull riding last year and this tattoo is meant to represent him, thus the sawed off horns on the bull, identifying him as a rodeo bull. #2—I was born on the cusps pf Taurus and Gemini, so it also has astronomical meaning for me as well.

I’ll post more pictures after the next sitting.


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