New Blog New Ink

Hello world what better way to announce your presence than with ink!

My Buddy Tom Davis has been apprenticing with Rev Chad Wells at his shop in Vandalia and needed a guinea pig to hone his craft on. Never one to duck a buddy in need or new ink I gladly hopped in the chair!

The idea was to create two “sister” type pieces on my inner wrists. Each containing the same color scheme and maintaining the same look and feel. I chose a horseshoe with a nautical star for my left wrist and the bird with a couple flowers and a banner carrying my daughter Bailey’s name. Tom did some shading on the horseshoe and went more towards a wash style but on touch-up the red horseshoe and nautical star will go to a more solid traditional look matching the bird more closely.

All-in-all a very productive set of sittings for Tom. Both pieces are healing out well and feel and look great. Tom has a nice soft touch and will be doing some amazing work in the near future. I know I’m already looking forward to my next Tom Davis original.

Special thanks to of course Tom for the ink and the artwork but also to Rev Chad Wells for allowing him to use the space and equipment to do the work.

You can also check out Tom’s side project getinkmidwest. Its a valuable resource if you are planning to get a new tattoo or if your just browsing. Many local artists and shops are featured.


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